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Barack Obama

, 2017-12, Cumulated
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Barack Obama - Voting results:

Totalunique voting viewmultiple voting view
Popularity in total:64.6%50.3%
Popularity in [United States of America]:45.3%27.2%
Popularity out of [United States of America]:80.8%79.5%
Number of votes for:30043428
Number of votes against:16433389

- Registered
Popularity in total:50.5%25.2%
Popularity in [United States of America]:23.2%3.0%
Popularity out of [United States of America]:63.6%73.4%
Number of votes for:107405
Number of votes against:1051200

- non-Registered
Popularity in total:65.3%58.0%
Popularity in [United States of America]:46.0%37.0%
Popularity out of [United States of America]:81.8%80.8%
Number of votes for:28973023
Number of votes against:15382189

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