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Pratibha Patil

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Pratibha Patil आपकी राय, समर्थन और वोट के लिए तैयार है. वोट ऑनलाइन!
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Pratibha Patil - वोट के लिए

प्रतिभा देवीसिंह पाटील | An Indian prominent politician. Was the first woman president in India (2007-2012).
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Pratibha Patil - वोट के खिलाफ

Click, if you do not support Pratibha Patil. Say why. / क्लिक करें, अगर आप प्रतिभा पाटिल का समर्थन नहीं करते. क्यों कहना.

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MAR: प्रतिभा पाटील (डिसेंबर १९, इ.स. १९३४ - हयात) या भारतीय प्रजासत्ताकाच्या १२ व्या राष्ट्रपती आहेत. माजी राष्ट्रपती ए.पी.जे. अब्दुल कलाम यांच्या कार्यकाळानंतर जुलै २५, इ.स. २००७ रोजी त्यांनी राष्ट्रपतीपदाची जबाबदारी स्वीकारली. भारताच्या राष्ट्रपतीपदावर नेमल्या गेलेल्या त्या पहिल्या महिला ...
वोट के लिए33वोट के खिलाफ   मेरी राय प्रतिभा देवीसिंह पाटिल में काफी अच्छे नेता है. उदाहरण के लिए, क्योंकि ... (अगर मैं लिखना चाहता था, इसलिए मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), positive
वोट के लिए33वोट के खिलाफ   मैं सहमत नहीं हूँ. प्रतिभा देवीसिंह पाटिल है बुरा पसंद है. उदाहरण के लिए, क्योंकि ... (अगर मैं लिखना चाहता था, इसलिए मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), negative
वोट के लिए1वोट के खिलाफ   One of the least active presidents of India, jenahello
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वोट के लिए Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil in Chennai

President Pratibha Patil arrived at Chennai airport from Hyderabad today morning in a private aircraft. She was accorded a red carpet welcome and received by Tamilnadu minister Gokula Indira, Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraiswamy, public secretaries amidst heads of defence services and director general of police K Ramanujam. Read more: News Today (02 Jan, 2012)

UK Queen invites Pratibha Patil, first woman non-royal ...

... head of state London - Pratibha Patil will be the first woman non-royal head of state to be hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in her 57-year rule when the Indian President will visit the UK in October at the invitation of the British monarch. Ms. Patil will be only the fourth female head of state to be staying with the Queen at her invitation -- all other 94 have been men. The other three female heads of state were all royal stock -- Queen Juliana of the Netherlands in 1972, Queen Margrethe of Denmark in 1974 and 2000, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 1982. Although the Queen have ...

Platibha Patil: Global collective effort is needed

Jaipur: Maintaining that the global economic meltdown had completely altered the dynamics of the world economy, President Pratibha Patil today said that a collective international effort is required to ensure financial security.The present crisis, which originated in the West but soon spread across the planet, requires a re-look at issues relating to global financial security and architecture, she said while addressing the 25th Convocation function of the University of Rajasthan here.As we deal with its impact and implications, existing institutions and response mechanism will be tested, ...

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