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The voting icon can be placed according to your decision to any place on your site. Here is an example. You can publicly support and identify yourself with the favorite you like by sticking his icon to your website. Another option is to let people visiting your site know who you do not favor. Let the other people support and share your thoughts and opinions, give them a chance to be on your side.
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icon Afghanistan war
icon Afghanistan war
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1. Static icon is a simple method of icon’s application on your website or blog. To ensure proper function it is necessary to copy the generated picture and use of the specified URL address. This method is especially appropriate in cases where direct entries of the HTML code or some HTML functions are restricted to you.

2. To implement dynamic icon(s) on your site please use the enclosed HTML code. In case of any malfunction of the code or any restriction from using the code as it is, try simpler method of just a static icon.

3. All icons you selected will be published on the site one by one in random order at every site refresh.

4. In the case of any question please contact us at
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We are happy to offer a number of active voting icons for free use on any website. Active icons show current voting statistics on-line. Active icons can be easily published on your website. Users of your site then receive the chance of accessing live voting results. In addition your users then may actively participate in the results, by clicking on the icon and giving their voting preferences and opinions on ElectionsMeter.

Active icons are real live objects showing current data.
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