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National Iraqi Alliance National Iraqi Alliance - Popularity Map
Watani List الائتلاف العراقي الموحد | The National Iraqi Alliance (NIA or INA), known as the Watani List, is an Iraqi electoral coalition.
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Iraqi National Movement Iraqi National Movement - Popularity Map
 INMالحركة الوطنية العراقية | The Iraqi National Movement (INM) or the 'al-Iraqiya List' is an Iraqi political coalition.
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State of Law Coalition State of Law Coalition - Popularity Map
 State of Lawائتلاف دولة القانون | The State of Law Coalition (also known as Rule of Law Coalition) is an Iraqi political coalition.
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National Reform Trend National Reform Trend - Popularity Map
 Islahتيار الإصلاح الوطني | The National Reform Trend (Islah) is an Iraqi Shiite-Islamic-based political party.
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Iraqi Accord Front Iraqi Accord Front - Popularity Map
 Tawafuqجبهة التوافق العراقية | The Iraqi Accord Front or Iraqi Accordance Front, also known as Tawafuq, is an Iraqi Sunni-Islamist political coalition.
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