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Zlatko Lagumdžija

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Predsjednik SDP i Ministar vanjskih poslova BiH. | Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the SDP.
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Zlatko Lagumdžija (Sarajevo, 26. decembar 1955.) je bosanskohercegovački političar, predsjednik Socijaldemokratske partije Bosne i Hercegovine i doktor informatičkih nauka na Sarajevskom univerzitetu.


Život i karijera

Nakon završene gimnazije 1973. u Detroitu (SAD) diplomirao 1977., magistrirao 1981. i doktorirao 1988. temama s područja informatike i elektrotehnike na Univerzitetu u Sarajevu. Profesor je na predmetu Menadžment informacijskih sistema (MIS) i predmetu Informatika na Ekonomskom fakultetu te predmetu Projektiranje informacijskih sistema za podršku odlučivanju na Elektrotehničkom fakultetu Univerziteta u Sarajevu, od 1989. godine. Pročelnik je Katedre poslovne informatike na Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Sarajevu, od 1994. godine. Pored toga, Lagumdžija je redovni profesor na Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Sarajevu i direktor Centra za menadžment i informacijsku tehnologiju (MIT) Sarajevo, od 1995. godine. Član je Svjetske akademije umjetnosti i nauka (WAAS), od 2006. godine.


Bio je potpredsjednik (1992. – 1993.) i premijer Vlade Republike Bosne i Hercegovine (1993.), ministar vanjskih poslova Bosne i Hercegovine (u dva navrata 2001. i 2003.) te ponovo predsjedavajući Ministarskog vijeća Bosne i Hercegovine (2001. – 2002.) godine. Izabran je u Parlamentarnu skupštinu Bosne i Hercegovine 2006. godine. Predsjednik je Socijaldemokratske partije Bosne i Hercegovine od 1997. godine, a od 2005. godine i potpredsjednik Senata Bošnjačkog instituta. Govori engleski i francuski jezik.


Oženjen je i ima troje djece. Živi u Sarajevu.







Zlatko Lagumdžija (born 26 December 1955, Sarajevo) is a Bosnian politician and academic. He is known for his leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is currently serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Political career

Wartime political career

Lagumdžija began his political career during the war as the Deputy Prime Minister. In that role, he advised then-president Alija Izetbegović. In one particular case he advised him not to sign the Vance-Owen peace plan: "Mr Izetbegović was not endorsing it, but thinking out loud and saying perhaps the plan would not be so bad, that we could live with it. And some of us told him, 'Anyone who signs this plan will be dead, and not just politically…'" he told a New York Times reporter in February 1993. Izetbegović signed the peace plan in March 1993.


In May 1992, Lagumdžija was with Alija Izetbegović, Izetbegović’s daughter Sabina and his bodyguard, returning from the Lisbon negotiations, when they were surrounded at the Sarajevo airport by the JNA, kidnapped and driven in a convoy to Lukavica, in Serb-held territory.


In April, 1993, Lagumdžija met with a group of citizens from Srebrenica who had journeyed through the Serb lines to Sarajevo. They informed him of the desperate situation of Srebrenica and the eastern Bosnian enclaves. In an effort to highlight the plight of Srebrenica, Lagumdžija suspended humanitarian aid donations for Sarajevo until aid was delivered to the eastern enclaves. A month later, UN Commander Philippe Morillon visited Srebrenica and declared the citizens under the protection of the UN.


Post-war political career

As a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lagumdžija has served as a member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly since 1996. He has been the president of the SDP since 1997. In the 2000 general elections, the SDP formed a coalition with the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina (SBiH), a party founded and led by former wartime prime minister Haris Silajdžić, to gain the majority and force the nationalist parties out of power. They gathered a coalition of many other small parties to create the "Alliance for Change." Lagumdžija became the Foreign Minister, a post he served in from 2001–2003, and also the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, (i.e. the Prime Minister, as which he served until 2002).


When the SDP came into political power on a platform of economic reform and anti-corruption, Lagumdžija was lauded by the Western powers as the hopeful "face of a pluralistic, united Bosnia." The SPD-led government facilitated the passage of the Election Law, which was not only an important step towards democracy, but also a prerequisite towards Bosnia's accession to the Council of Europe. The SDP led the coalition government until the October 2002 general elections, when the public, dissatisfied at the pace of political reform, elected the nationalist parties back into power.


"Coup d'état affair"

In September 2003, Lagumdžija and Munir Alibabić, the former director of the Federation Intelligence and Security Service (FOSS), were accused of conspiring to take over the government by Ivan Vuksić, the FOSS director at the time. The accusations were based on the illegal recordings of telephone conversations between the two men. The Sarajevo daily paper Dnevni Avaz, picked up the story and ran a series of articles which attacked Lagumdžija and blamed him of being behind the August 2003 explosions that had taken place in Sarajevo. Lagumdžija denied the accusations and released a public statement to the court, which read in part, "Any well-informed and well-intentioned person will know that all these accusations are based on vicious lies, and that their progenitors are provoking a situation, which would bring them to face justice in court in any organized democratic state." The c. urts dismissed the accusations, Lagumdžija eventually sued Dnevni Avaz for libel and the newspaper was ordered to pay him 10,000 KM in damages.



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