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Xavier Becerra

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The U.S. Representative for California's 31st congressional district, serving since 2003.
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ENG: Xavier Becerra (born January 26, 1958) is the U.S. Representative for California's 31st congressional district, serving since 2003. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district is based in Los Angeles. Early life, education and career Becerra was born in Sacramento, California, the son of working-class immigrants. He graduated in 1976 from C.K. McClatchy High School located in central city Sacramento. He went on to earn his B.A. in economics from Stanford University and his J.D. from Stanford Law School. He was initially a lawyer, working on cases involving individuals with mental impairment. He was also a staff member for California State Senator Art Torres and the Deputy Attorney-General of California. Becerra was a one-term member of the California State Assembly ...
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For Debt Panel's Becerra, No Egos While Negotiating

As politicians go, California Rep. Xavier Becerra has a relatively low profile considering that he has been in Congress for 18 years. He is the vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, the former head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the first Latino to serve on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. When the Democrats had the House majority, Nancy Pelosi appointed him to the new post of assistant to the speaker. And earlier this month, she chose him to join the supercommittee tasked with finding a way to cut $1 trillion from the federal deficit. There's a reason for Becerra's ...

We've had 11,000 attempts to amend the Constitution...

At a press briefing about the debt limit negotiations, Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., criticized a Republican push for a balanced budget amendment. He said Congress should not be hasty about amending the Constitution and noted that only a tiny number of amendments ultimately pass."We’ve had 11,000 attempts to amend the Constitution since 1789. Twenty-seven amendments have been passed, 10 of them in one shot with the Bill of Rights. And so, we’re now hearing that Republicans may want two, three days before they plunge us into the economic abyss, propose the eleven-thousand and first ...

Xavier Becerra Gets Tax Breaks Claiming Principal Homes

A pair of congressmen representing districts far from Washington -- including one member of the new debt-cutting 'Super Congress' -- have claimed on mortgage documents that their principal residences are not in their home districts, but in well-off neighborhoods in the D.C. suburbs. California Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra, who was named earlier this month as a member of the 12-person supercommittee tasked with slashing the government's debt by $1.5 trillion over 10 years, and his wife, prominent doctor Carolina Reyes, bought a 2,700-square-foot home in Chevy Chase, Md., in August, 2009, for ...

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