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photo It is the right time - for revolution

It is the right time - for revolution

It is right time to a Revolution. The world is in inevitable need of Change.
It is the right time - for stabilisation

It is the right time - for stabilisation

No change is required. We highly desiderate stabilization of the current. Change comes with risks and uncertainty.

Online election results for "It is the right time - for revolution" in graph.

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for revolution for stabilisation Total  
Current preference ratio 85% 15% 100%  
Number of votes 261 46 307
Number of comments 2 2 4
Number of links 5 0 5
Number of pictures 3 2 5
Number of videos 4 1 5
Number of supporters 2 1 3
Number of arguments - - 13


for revolution for stabilisation
Last voted IP 46.118... IP 74.250...
The most active voter SEPP N/A


Poll added  10 years ago
Poll updated 7 years ago
Last vote 5 years ago
Last opinion 7 years ago
Last link 7 years ago
Last picture 9 years ago
Last video 7 years ago
Last supporter or opponent 7 years ago
Last argument 10 years ago
Updated 1 year ago

kissinger the international system is in a period of change like we and more...
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