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ENG: Wayne Daniel Mapp QSO (born 12 March 1952) is a New Zealand politician, who represented the National Party in the Parliament of New Zealand. He served as the MP for the North Shore electorate from the 1996 elections until his retirement in late 2011. Before entering politics, he lectured in commercial law at University of Auckland. Political career Mapp was elected MP for the North Shore seat at the 1996 general election. On October 26, 2005, National Party leader Don Brash appointed Mapp as the party's Political Correctness Eradicator, following a speech Mapp had given on the topic earlier that month. Previously Mapp served as National's spokesperson for Industrial Relations and chaired the Caucus Policy Committee. Brash ranked him 14th within the National Party caucus. ...
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Q+A's Guyon Espiner interviews Dr Wayne Mapp

DR WAYNE MAPP interviewed by GUYON ESPINER GUYON If we look back to Anzac Day and look at the battle of 1915 when you look at more than 2700 young New Zealand men losing their lives in that battle, nearly 100 years on, what is it that we are commemorating there? Are we commemorating sacrifice, independence, the birth of a nation? What are we actually commemorating when we celebrate Anzac Day? WAYNE MAPP – Defence MinisterI think it’s all of that, in fact. If you think of the young New Zealanders who go to Anzac now in increasing numbers, they are obviously remembering ...

Interview with Defence Minister Wayne Mapp

GUYON The death of Tim O'Donnell has prompted debate and questioning all around the country about New Zealand's role in Afghanistan. So I'm joined now by Defence Minister Wayne Mapp. Dr Mapp thank you very much for joining us this morning we appreciate your time. There'll be a ceremony for Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell later today. What government representation will we see there? DR WAYNE MAPP - Defence Minister Well the Prime Minister and myself will be there, but obviously more importantly the principal Defence leaders of our nation will be there as well, and the family most importantly ...

Wayne Mapp avoiding ACT controversy

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp is refusing to wade into controversy surrounding former associate minister Heather Roy.Mrs Roy was deposed as deputy leader of the ACT party earlier this week.Newstalk ZB sought clarification from Dr Mapp about assurances ACT leader Rodney Hide made in parliament yesterday about his behaviour in relation to Mrs Roy and defence cabinet papers produced by her.A spokesman for Dr Mapp says Mrs Roy is no longer a minister so he will be making no comment on the issue. 20/08/2010 Source: NewstalkZB 02.09.2010

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