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Vincent Gray

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The 7th and current Mayor of the District of Columbia since 2011.
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ENG: Vincent C. Gray (born November 8, 1942) is an American politician who is currently serving as the seventh Mayor of the District of Columbia. Prior to his inauguration as mayor in January 2011, Gray served as Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia, and as Councilmember for Ward 7. In the 1990s he also served as director of the DC Department of Human Services. Early life Vincent Gray is a native of Washington, DC, and graduated from Dunbar High School. He earned a B.A. in psychology at George Washington University, where he also took graduate courses. Gray was one of the first African Americans to join the Jewish fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi. While in the fraternity, he was the first to serve two consecutive terms as President. Other school activities included the ...
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Late last week, and on into this week, Mayor Vincent C. Gray took major heat for a proposal to approve pay raises for some of his top executives. Initial press reports sparked by a Friday D.C. Council hearing didn’t include much defense of the bill, but at least one person took to the reader comments to offer some context. That context largely matches a statement issued by the Gray administration to a TV reporter recently — in several cases, word for word. “This bill seeks to ratify the salaries previously authorized by the Council to be paid to the Chief of Police, Medical ...

What’s Wrong With Vince Gray?

It only took Mayor Vince Gray six years to go from running a non-profit for troubled teens to being the city’s top elected official. But after that rapid rise, it’s only taken him two months to cut short his own honeymoon and become a political punchline. So what happened? How did a guy who looked like a pro while easily dispatching a much-better funded incumbent in September come to look like a lost little lamb by March? At least part of the problem is that people with questionable backgrounds who want city jobs are clearly attracted to Gray—and the mayor doesn’t ...

Gray, council members arrested at protest

 D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray and several members of the D.C. Council were arrested Monday at a protest on Capitol Hill, as city officials turned up the volume on their complaints about a federal spending deal that imposes controversial riders on the District. The spending measure — agreed to Friday night by President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) — reimposes a Republican-backed ban on the District spending its own money to provide abortions to low-income women. It also revives and expands a private school ...

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