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photo  Republican Party (USA)

 Republican Party (USA)

Republican Party (Grand Old Party, GOP) - one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States.

photo  Democratic Party (USA)

 Democratic Party (USA)

Democratic Party - one of two major contemporary political parties in the United States.

photo  Libertarian Party (USA)

 Libertarian Party (USA)

Libertarian Party (LP) - third largest and fastest growing political party in the United States.

photo  Constitution Party (USA)

 Constitution Party (USA)

Constitution Party - founded as the U.S. Taxpayers' Party.

photo  GPUS (USA)


Green Party of the United States (GPUS) - national US-American political party founded in 1991.

photo  OTHER


No one from the candidates (write your own candidate)


for2against   So long as the GOP sucks up to the religious nutters, it does not deserve the confidence of the whole American people., Kitsapian
for1against   Republicans need to let leader be one with strength of convictions and power to enfore what would restore our country., joycewgreene
for1against   Built on righteous principles as sustaining life, freedom for all, and their generousity as up-to-the-people, not government., joycegreene
for1against   feel free to express your preference, spetr

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Number of votesRatio
Republican Party (USA)23140.38%
Democratic Party (USA)12521.85%
Libertarian Party (USA)335.77%
Constitution Party (USA)132.27%
GPUS (USA)14926.05%

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Could Third-Party Tremors Result in a 2012 Political ...

... Earthquake? In the dog days of summer and in the aftermath of the unusual earthquake to hit the Washington, D.C. area and other parts of the East Coast, maybe it’s time to play a little parlor game related to next year’s presidential election and a major disruption that just might occur. I am talking about the increasing probability that a serious independent third-party run might just occur. And by the manner in which former governor and Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is conducting himself this week in high profile criticizing his own party, he and his campaign might also be eyeing this probability. Let me set the table on this, and see what it just might tell us. Today President Obama’s Gallup approval ratings are at an all-time low (38 ...

martina - 6 years ago

History of political parties in the USA

On July 6, 1854, the Republican Party was formed in the United States. This brings to mind the history of political parties in the USA. In the 1790s there were two political parties. The Republican Party was led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; while Alexander Hamilton led the Federalist Party. The Federalists were for a centralized national government while the Republicans were for limited government, especially in regards to commerce.In the first election, in 1796, John Adams, a Federalist, was elected President and Thomas Jefferson, a Republican, was elected Vice President. This led to the 12th amendment that requires that both the President and Vice President to be from the same party.The election of 1816 saw the election of James Monroe. This also marked the last time the ...

pibi - 8 years ago

US political parties reach stimulus deal

United States President Barack Obama's massive stimulus package is set to pass through Congress after Democrats and Republicans reached a compromise deal. The plan is smaller than the one passed by either chamber but the price tag still comes in at almost billion. Democratic and Republican negotiators have been ironing out the differences between the stimulus bill passed by the House of Representatives and the one approved by the Senate.They have now reached agreement on a combined package. The stimulus package is aimed at reviving the US economy and creating millions of jobs. It now has to go be formally approved by the House and the Senate before Mr Obama can sign it into law. 12 Feb 2009 10:12:00 source: www.radioaustralianews.net.au 24.06.2009

alexasa - 8 years ago
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