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Die United Christian Democratic Party is ’n politieke party in Suid-Afrika. | The UCDP is a minor political party in South Africa.

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Die United Christian Democratic Party is ’n politieke party in Suid-Afrika. Dit is deur die voormalige president van Bophuthatswana, Lucas Mangope in 1997 gestig, en is vir die eerste vyftien jaar deur hom gelei. Mavis Matladi is as leier op 29 Januarie 2011 verkies maar is in Desember van dieselfde jaar oorlede. Isaac Sipho Mfundisi is op 7 January 2012 verkies as president van die UCDP.


Die meeste van die party se steun kom uit die Noordwes-provinsie (waar Bophuthatswana geleë was), en het baie min teenwoordigheid elders in Suid-Afrika. Die UCDP was die grootste opposisieparty teenoor die ANC in Noordwes na die algemene verkiesings in 1999 en 2004, maar in 2009 het hulle teruggesak na die vierde grootste party in die provinsiale wetgewer na die ANC, DA en Cope.


Tydens die 2009 algemene verkiesing het die party 66,086 stemme (0.37% van die nasionale stemme), en twee setels in die parlement gekry. Dit was egter ’n groot terugslag aangesien die party ongeveer die helfte van sy steun, asook een setel, verloor het sedert die vorige verkiesing.


In die provinsiale verkiesing het die party se steun afgeneem van 8.49% en 3 setels in die Noordwes provinsiale wetgewer, na 5.27% en 2 setels in 2009. In 2009 het hulle in ses van die ander provinsies minder as 0.1% steun gekry.


Die party se missiestelling lê klem op die behoefte aan Christelike waardes, nie-rassige demokrasie en regeringstoelae vir selfonderhoud. In 2004 het die party se manifes uitgevaar teen die ANC weens die ANC se beweerde sagte optrede teenoor misdaad, nepotisme en die verwaarlosing van die infrastruktuur in Suid-Afrika.


’n Opname in 2003 deur die Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing (RGN), het gevind dat 85% van die UCDP se kiesers vroulik was.


Leier: Isaac Mfundisi

Slagspreuk: Ready to deliver where others have failed

Gestig: 1997

Voorafgegaan deur: Tswana Nasionale Party

Ideologie: Christelike demokrasie







The United Christian Democratic Party is a minor political party in South Africa. It was founded by Lucas Mangope, leader of the Bophuthatswana bantustan in 1997, as a successor to the Tswana National Party, and led by him for the first fifteen years of its existence. Mavis Matladi was elected as its leader on 29 January 2011 after the expulsion of Mangope. Matladi died in December 2011. Isaac Sipho Mfundisi was elected president on Saturday, 7 January 2012.


Most of the party's support comes from the North West province (where the old Bophuthatswana was located), and it has very little presence elsewhere in the country. The UCDP was the official opposition to the African National Congress in the North West province in 1999 and 2004, but slipped to 4th in the provincial legislature in 2009.


At the 2009 elections, the party won 66,086 votes (0.37% of the national total), and 2 seats in Parliament, representing a loss of approximately 50% of its support, and 1 seat, from the preceding elections.


In the provincial elections, their support dropped from 8.49% and 3 seats in the 2004 North West provincial election, to 5,27% and 2 seats in 2009. In 2009, in six of the other provinces, they gained less than 0.1% support.


The party's mission statement stresses the need for Christian values, non-racial democracy, and government inducements for personal self-reliance, while the 2004 manifesto attacked the ANC for, among other things, its alleged softness on crime, nepotism, and neglect of South African infrastructure.


A 2003 survey conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council found that 85% of UCDP voters were female.


Leader: Isaac Sipho Mfundisi

President: Isaac Sipho Mfundisi

Chairperson: Celia Ipuseng Ditshetelo

Secretary-General: Justice Segomotso Moloabi

Founder: Lucas Mang. pe

Slogan: Ready to Deliver Where Others have Failed

Youth wing: UCDP Youth League

Ideology: Christian democracy



3 November 2008

updated: 2013-04-24

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