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היא פוליטיקאית ישראלית, מכהנת כשרת המשפטים. | An Israeli politician, the current Minister of Justice of Israel.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומכים ציפי לבני. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support Tzipi Livni. Say why.

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HEB: ציפורה מלכה (ציפי) לבני שפיצר (נולדה ב-8 ביולי 1958) היא פוליטיקאית ישראלית, המכהנת כשרת המשפטים בממשלתו של בנימין נתניהו. בעברה הייתה ממלאת מקום ראש הממשלה ושרת החוץ. לבני היא מייסדת והעומדת בראש רשימת התנועה ושימשה, בין היתר, בכנסת ה-18 כיו"ר האופוזיציה עד שהתפטרה לאור הפסדה בבחירות המקדימות ליו"ר קדימה לשאול מופז. בתחילת הקריירה הפוליטית שלה הייתה חברת כנסת מטעם מפלגת "הליכוד", ובשנת 2005, עם הקמת מפלגת "קדימה", הצטרפה אליה. בשנת 2008 נבחרה ...
for33against   לדעתו של (Tzipi Livni) ציפי לבני שלי הוא די טוב פוליטיקאי. למשל, כי ... (אם רציתי לכתוב למה, אני כתבתי את זה כאן), positive
for2against   Livni: Israel must give up land to remain Jewish and democratic, laroco
for33against   אני לא מסכים. (Tzipi Livni) ציפי לבני היא בחירה גרועה. למשל, כי ... (אם רציתי לכתוב למה, אני כתבתי את זה כאן), negative
for1against   The only difference between Livni/Olmert and Liberman/Netanyahu - Lieberman and Netanyahu are more honest, they make no secret of their racist agenda., laroco
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Tzipi Livni and the two nation-state solution

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not about the occupation. If it were about the occupation, it would have erupted in 1967 and not in 1920. If it were a conflict over the occupation, it would have ended in 2000 and not continued to this day. If it were about the occupation, it would be easy to terminate it by means of a full Israeli withdrawal and full Palestinian recognition of Israel after the withdrawal. However, withdrawal is not being implemented and recognition is not being given because the conflict is not about the occupation. Tzipi Livni grasped the whole problem and also suggested ...

Livni advocates a Palestinian state

The leader of Israel's Kadima party, Tzipi Livni, thinks Israel should give up some of its territory in exchange for a peace agreement with the Palestinians. In a speech in Jerusalem to Jewish leaders from the United States, Ms Livni said only then could Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state. Her stance is regarded as far less hardline than that of right-wing Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Both hope to become prime minister after last week's election. The two parties will probably have to form a coalition. In her speech, Ms Livni advocated a Palestinian state, but said it could not ...

Livni vows tough line on Hamas

Tzipi Livni, Israel's foreign minister, has said that if appointed prime minister, she will respond to any attacks on Israel by Hamas with retaliatory fire.Livni also ruled out negotiations with the rulers of the Gaza Strip, during a speech on Monday at an annual security conference in Herzliya.Israeli holds its national elections on February 10, when Livni will be running for the prime minister's post."Terror must be fought with force and lots of force," Livni said."If by ending the operation we have yet to achieve deterrence, we will continue until they get the message."Livni, who heads the ...

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Livni tells Kerry his cease-fire proposal 'completely unacceptable' for Israel - Jerusalem Post
NBCNews.comLivni tells Kerry his cease-fire proposal 'completely unacceptable' for IsraelJerusalem PostJustice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) told US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday that his proposal for a week long cease-fire of Israel's Gaza campaign was "completely unacceptable" and that it "would have strengthened extremists in the region.".Kerry's Rejected Proposal for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire LeakedJewish Daily ForwardStrong Israeli support for Gaza war leaves little room for dissentToronto StarPOINT/COUNTERPOINT: If Israel wants quiet, it must enable AbbasCanadian Jewish News (blog)The State -Wall Street Journal -Merced Sun-Starall 18,229 news articles »
Livni: Israel mulling underground barrier to physically separate from Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Ahram OnlineLivni: Israel mulling underground barrier to physically separate from GazaJerusalem PostIsrael is considering physically separating itself from the Gaza Strip, using some sort of underground barrier to ward off remaining threats from Hamas, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said Monday. Speaking on Army Radio, Livni responded to criticism that ...Tzipi Livni: We Gave Our Approval to the Military All Across the BoardArutz ShevaLivni calls for PA control over Gaza, disarmamentThe Times of Israelall 6 news articles »
Livni lobbies Netanyahu on plan for a 'new Gaza order' - Jerusalem Post
The Times of IsraelLivni lobbies Netanyahu on plan for a 'new Gaza order'Jerusalem PostJustice Minister Tzipi Livni is urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to adopt her initiative for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip which would eventually lead to a resumption of peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Channel 2 reported on ...Livni presents plan to end conflict with Hamas, restart talks with PAThe Times of IsraelJustice Minister Livni: Israel Must Deal With 'Pragmatic' Palestinian FactionsBreitbart NewsLivni: Fanatics in Gaza, Iraq need dealing withJewish Telegraphic AgencyArutz Sheva -i24news -Daily Inter Lakeall 6,091 news articles »
‫הגיע הזמן להפסיק לשקר לעצמינו – צה"ל הפסיק להיות צבא העם ולא היינו צריכים את בג"צ כדי לדעת שאין שוויון‬
‫הצעת חוק 'שירות אזרחי' קובעת כי כל אזרח ישראלי במדינת ישראל צריך לתרום למדינה ע"י גיוס לצבא או בשירות אזרחי. אין ממנהגי להעלות הצעות חוק פרטיות וגם אין ממנהגי בד"כ לפתוח בנושאים אישיים אבל הפעם אני אחרוג ממנהגי פעמיים. גם בדיון עצמו וגם בחוויה האישית שלי רק מהשבוע האחרון. לפני יומיים הוביל בני הצעיר את [...]‬

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