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Treaty of Lisbon

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photo Treaty of Lisbon: YES!

Treaty of Lisbon: YES!

I am for the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. I agree with its content.
Treaty of Lisbon: NO!

Treaty of Lisbon: NO!

I am against the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon. I disagree with its content, this treaty significantly reduces the sovereignty of individual members of the EU.

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ENG: The Treaty of Lisbon (also known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007 that would change the workings of the European Union (EU). The treaty is not yet ratified by all EU member states. The treaty would amend the Treaty on European Union (TEU, Maastricht) and the Treaty establishing the European Community (TEC, Rome). In the process, TEC is renamed to Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Prominent changes include more qualified majority voting in the EU Council, increased involvement of the European Parliament in the legislative process through extended codecision with the EU Council, eliminating the pillar system, preventing the provision in the Treaty of Nice reducing the number of commissioners, and the ...
for3against   The only hope for FREEDOM and prosperity in Europe - as an alternative to so called sovereign nations with totalitarian rule and criminal clans at the helm of the state., capek3
for1against   After the firt Irish Referendum Mr KLAUS rushed to declare Lisbon Treaty = EU dead. Now after the decisive Irish yes for Lisbon, WHO IS DEAD?, capek3
for2against   I'm all for a more unified, co-operative and prosperous European Union. But only when the people of Europe actually get to vote on it!, Austim
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for Treaty of Lisbon: YES!

yes to prosperous and free Europe - treaty of Lisbon

The only hope for FREEDOM and prosperity in Europe - as an alternative to so called sovereign nations with totalitarian rule and criminal clans at the helm of the state. Those hidden Hitlers and Stalins are at work even in the EU parliament now and they are coordinated by those dreaming of their own Chile in the Middle of Europe, using Bolshevik disinformation techniques they and their family clans know all too well. And they have succeeded in spreading this infection into other EU member states with totalitarian or terrorist past.Read a bit about their practices stifling dissent and ...

The European Union’s Lisbon treaty compromise

The European Union’s Lisbon treaty was initially greeted with enthusiasm, pride, and even hubris. It promised a more realistic and reasonable way forward than the ill-fated constitutional treaty that it replaced, and many of its supporters also hoped that a central feature of its predecessor – the notion of “constitutional patriotism” – was still alive. But the Lisbon treaty has instead brought chaos to the Union. What went wrong?Constitutional patriotism, a concept developed by two German philosophers, Dolf Sternberger and Karl Jaspers, was intended to replace ...

CZ-Eurosceptics with the president plan another Lisbon Treat

DANIEL McLAUGHLINCZECH EUROSCEPTICS allied to President Vaclav Klaus plan to launch another challenge to the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty in their country’s constitutional court.The upper house of the Czech parliament, the senate, approved the treaty last week, but Mr Klaus refused to sign it into law, saying that it was for the moment “dead because it was rejected in a referendum in one member state”.Mr Klaus and his allies in the centre-right Civic Democrat party (ODS) now appear intent on delaying Czech ratification of the treaty until after Ireland votes on it ...

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The Lisbon Treaty’s change to Council voting rules will have important implications for the democratic legitimacy of the EU
Many of the decisions made in the Council of the European Union are based on qualified majority voting, in which EU legislation can be passed if a certain threshold of support is met among member states. Frank Häge assesses the potential implications of the changes to qualified majority voting rules under the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force in November […]
Trump’s election victory offers a clear opportunity for EU defence policy
Several commentators in Europe have raised concerns that Donald Trump’s presidential election victory could undermine NATO and damage European security and defence. Antonio Calcara writes that while these concerns may be valid, Trump’s election also presents a key opportunity to strengthen EU defence policy. He argues that this should be achieved not through large-scale political integration, but instead by using […]
Why the UK must trigger Article 50 immediately
Despite the UK’s referendum on 23 June, David Cameron has so far not decided to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which outlines how a country can voluntarily leave the EU. Sebastian Koehler argues that this process should not be delayed any further given the uncertainty which is damaging the UK economy. He writes that while Britain remains an […]
Asking the public twice: why do voters change their minds in second referendums on EU treaties?
On three occasions – Denmark on the Maastricht Treaty, Ireland on the Nice Treaty and Ireland again on the Lisbon Treaty – voters have initially rejected an EU treaty only to vote in favour of it in a second referendum. Based on research conducted in Denmark and Ireland, Ece Özlem Atikcan assesses the reasons why voters changed their minds in […]

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