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Tisha Casida

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US politician - running for Congress in 2012.
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Tisha Casida - for

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for1against   Today is the day to support Tisha. www.casida2012.com It is also her BD., Americanpatriot
for1against   Yhe 'republican' party doesn't like her because she endangers the status quo, and the loss of their power OVER THE PEOPLE really upsets the party elite., GrumpyOldGoat
for1against   Finally! Someone who has actually read and understands the US Constitution!! People NOT political parties are the only ones authorized to choose our representatives., jiggs105
for1against   She is exactly what we have been waiting for. Finally an opportunity to vote FOR a candidate who will represent the will of the people instead of the directives from the partisan, Americanpatriot
for1against   nothing but a RINO, with a liberal voting record. Casida is an unexpected alternative choice for Conservative voters. We’re going to hear a lot more from this lady. She is exact, Americanpatriot
for1against   I like Tisha because she is Honest, Straightforward and not afraid to look you in the eye while she explains her positions and why she holds them., GrumpyOldGoat
for0against   Right on top of the ball! She is wise to what's going on and want's to get it right for the nation, but as Grumpy says the repubes are afraid of her., Slide
for0against   Went to see her about a month ago. Just like on FOX News. Sharp as a tack. No stuttering from that girl., Slide
for0against   A Constitutional candidate with American values., Americanpatriot
for0against   Check this candidate out! She’s a breath of fresh air. A TRUE Conservative. A common sense replacement for the neo Conservative positions taken by Tipton who has turned out to b, Americanpatriot
for38against   I do not agree. Tisha Casida is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative

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