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US politician - running for Congress in 2012.
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ENG: Tisha Casidawas a 2012 Independent candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado. Issues - Campaign themes - 2012 Casida's campaign website listed the following issues: Economic Comeback - Excerpt: "A strong economy is built on a free economy. Freedom empowers everyone to create jobs, not just a select few in Washington, D.C. By getting Washington off the backs of entrepreneurs in Colorado, small businesses will flourish and strengthen local communities. As a small business owner, I understand that this nation became strong because of small businesses that were allowed to thrive." End the Fed - Excerpt: "The Federal Reserve System is an unaccountable, unconstitutional, and unethical institution that manipulates the economy ...
for1against   Today is the day to support Tisha. www.casida2012.com It is also her BD., Americanpatriot
for1against   Yhe 'republican' party doesn't like her because she endangers the status quo, and the loss of their power OVER THE PEOPLE really upsets the party elite., GrumpyOldGoat
for1against   Finally! Someone who has actually read and understands the US Constitution!! People NOT political parties are the only ones authorized to choose our representatives., jiggs105
for38against   I do not agree. Tisha Casida is bad choice. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
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Casida takes on Tipton: Conservative says West Slope ...

... congressman isn’t her cup of tea Tisha Casida is a 29-year-old southern Colorado-bred conservative. The Keystone XL Pipeline, she suggests, is safer and probably better for the environment than sending oil tankers across the Atlantic. The country’s conflict over carbon dioxide, she hints, may be as much a waste of time as the war on drugs. She makes no bones that she is disappointed in her congressman, Scott Tipton, because he hasn’t demonstrated leadership on a few crucial issues, like speaking out against the Patriot Act. So she is taking him on in 2012. Even ...

Constitutional Scholar and Author Bandnarik Endorses Casida

... CASIDA 2012 RUN Michael Badnarik, constitutional scholar, author, and former Presidential candidate has endorsed Tisha Casida, who is running as an Independent in Colorado's third congressional district. He says: Like so many Americans, I have come to distrust my government, and I have grown cynical about the election process. My campaigns for President and for Congress made me realize how corrupt the process has become. Until recently, I had very little hope of restoring Liberty in this country without the use of violence. I am pleased to report that my hope has been restored. I ...

Tisha Casida to Announce Run for Third...

... CONGRESSIONALDISTRICT IN 2012 Pueblo, CO - Tisha Casida, a 29 year old entrepreneur and publisher will announce her bid for the Third Congressional District of Colorado seat in 2012. The announcement will be made on May 13, 2011, from4-7pm at The Historic Federal Building, 421 N. Main Street, Pueblo Colorado. In addition to announcingher campaign, Ms. Casida will be celebrating five years in business with That's Natural!, a venture thatpromotes sustainable agriculture through a capitalistic market approach. Along with her business experience Ms. Casida is publisher of The Good ...

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