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Green Party of the United States

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Green Party of the United States (GPUS) - national US-American political party founded in 1991.

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Mass Greens sue over rejection of voter signatures
State election officials have rejected all 3000 voter signatures collected by Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jason Lowenthal who is running for Congress against Democratic incumbent Michael Capuano in the 7th Congressional District of Massachusetts. This clears the way for Capuano to run unopposed for a seventh term.

Green Party: Demilitarize the police, end racial disparities and bring justice to the criminal justice system
Green Party leaders and candidates are calling for the demilitarization of civilian U.S. police departments, asserting that military police tactics have created an "occupation mentality" in many communities.

Spoiler Alert: Progressives Will NOT Toe the Two-Party Line
On August 11, 2014, West Virginia's most widely circulated newspaper published an article that was unsigned, for obvious reasons. That editorial, "Spoilers - Political Dilemma", was crafted to trick Progressive voters into settling for the lesser of two evils. Most of them haven't fallen for that one in a long time.

All Volunteer Effort Puts Three Green-Rainbow Candidates on November Ballot
Three new names will appear statewide on the November 4 state election ballot following the delivery today of certified signature sheets to state offices in Boston, Fall River, and Springfield. The signatures were collected by an all-volunteer team on behalf of three Green-Rainbow Party candidates running for Secretary, State Treasurer, and State Auditor. Over 7200 signatures were certified, far more than the 5,000 required for ballot access.

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