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Terry Branstad

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The 42nd and current Governor of Iowa since January 2011.
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ENG: Terry Edward Branstad (born November 17, 1946) is an American politician who is the 42nd and current Governor of Iowa since January 2011. Branstad was the 39th Governor of Iowa from 1983 to 1999 and President of Des Moines University from 2003 to 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party. Branstad is the youngest and longest-serving governor in Iowa's history. In 2010, he prevailed in a three-way primary and won the Republican nomination to run again for governor. He faced incumbent Governor Chet Culver, a Democrat and four third party candidates on November 2, 2010. He won the general election in November, defeating Democratic incumbent Chet Culver by a 52.9% to 43.1% margin.Branstad entered the 2010 race as the front runner for both the primary and general elections. ...
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Iowa Gov.Branstad vetoes one-year transportation budget

Gov. Terry Branstad made good today on his pledge to use his veto pen to rid state government of what he considers to be bad budgeting practices. The governor vetoed a one-year transportation spending plan that lawmakers sent him at the Senate's insistence, noting that he is insisting that lawmakers adopt a biennial budgeting approach that would chart state spending through fiscal year 2013. He also used his item-veto authority to reject a House-preferred approach to meet the state's unpaid obligations for indigent defense costs by delegating transfer authority to Branstad to move around ...

Iowa Gov.Terry Branstad Eyeing Major Gaming Tax Increase

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is looking for a way to increase revenue for the state budget, and like lawmakers in other states, Branstad sees gambling as the way to achieve that goal. Instead of expanding the casino industry, however, Branstad wants more taxes for existing casinos. Iowa is one of the states that was ahead of the curve when it came to casino expansion. While other states are just entering the market, Iowa is looking to tweak their current system. The tax rate for casinos in Iowa sits at twenty-two percent. That could jump to thirty-six percent if Governor Branstad has his way. ...

Branstad: Iowa Caucuses Will Remain First Of 2012 Campaign

Iowa officials pledged Monday to move up the state's 2012 presidential caucuses as early as needed to ensure the event remains the nation's first contest of White House hopefuls if Florida stands by plans for an early primary date. National leaders have pledged to avoid a repeat of the 2008 competition that prompted Iowa to hold caucuses on Jan. 3 amid drawn-out disputes with Florida and Michigan. But a spokesman for Republican Gov. Terry Branstad and others said Iowa will move up its Feb. 6 caucuses if Florida sticks with a Jan. 31 primary. "If Florida continues to stay where they are, ...

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