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ENG - The Tea Party movement is a populist, conservative/libertarian, grassroots, political movement in the United States that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests. The protests were partially in response to several Federal laws: the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and a series of healthcare reform bills. The name "Tea Party" echoes the Boston Tea Party, a 1773 incident when colonists destroyed British tea rather than paying what they considered a tax that violated their right to "No Taxation without Representation." As of 2010, it is not a national political party, does not officially run Congressional candidates, and its name has not appeared on any ballots. According to ...
for31against   I clearly support it. Tea Party is quite good party. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for3against   john boehner is a joke and should be fired asap!, lapoker222
for2against   It's a dangerous political movement based on demagogy and populism., Galileo
for1against   The people before the profit!!!, Galileo
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Tea Party Legislators Rival Obama as Preferred Policy Leader

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans are as likely to want Tea Party-backed Republican members of Congress to have the most influence over federal policies in the coming year as they are to prefer President Barack Obama. The Democratic leaders in Congress rank last in this regard, behind the Republican leaders. The 27% of Americans preferring Tea Party Republicans on this measure roughly matches the percentage telling Gallup throughout 2010 that they are supporters of the Tea Party movement -- 26% in a recent pre-election survey. Looking more broadly at the partisan balance of the results, ...

Tea Party Movement: The Wave Of The Future

Tea Party Patriots is launching a Perpetual Legislative Watch/Congressional Accountability Project. We have already been watching the legislators for the past 20 months. We have no intention of letting up now. On the weekend of November 12 – 14, local coordinators from around the country will meet with the incoming Congressional freshmen for an orientation. We will have legislative experts who will guide the freshmen on how to first defund and ultimately repeal government controlled health care. We will have economic experts to help them understand the things they will ...

Tea party hopes to plant Va. roots for 2011 elections

WASHINGTON — Tea party activists are working to solidify their movement by focusing on state and local races they think will show they are not a one-time uprising tied to this year's congressional contest. A major focus will be Virginia. Tea party groups are launching a political action committee to recruit, train and fund candidates, and help them drive a legislative agenda during January's General Assembly session. The groups see the state's legislative contests as an opportunity to build a network of officials who someday rise through the ranks and compete for statewide ...

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Black Lives Matter Vow to Target Trump Campaign Events
Republican frontrunner promised to physically remove BLM protesters if they interrupted him (Infowars) – Following Donald Trump’s promise that he would physically remove any Black Lives Matter activists who interrupted his campaign events, a leader of the protest group today guaranteed that such action is being planned. Special Headline: Guess Who’s About To Go Bankrupt ... The post Black Lives Matter Vow to Target Trump Campaign Events appeared first on Tea Party.
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Doesn’t Want Hillary Messing With His Legacy
(Newsmax) – The Obama White House may be behind the “drip, drip, drip” of negative stories being released about Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton because he doesn’t want her to win and step on his legacy, says talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. “I’m convinced that Obama doesn’t want her messing with his legacy,” Limbaugh said on ... The post Rush Limbaugh: Obama Doesn’t Want Hillary Messing With His Legacy appeared first on Tea Party.
The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails
These weren’t just ordinary secrets found in Clinton’s private server, but some of the most classified material the U.S. government has. (Daily Beast) – After months of denials and delaying actions, Hillary Clinton has decided to turn over her private email server to the Department of Justice. As this controversy has grown since the spring, Clinton and ... The post The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails appeared first on Tea Party.
North Carolina Town Wants to Ban ‘Dixie’
Councilman: Fair in ‘progressive’ city needs name ‘everybody can appreciate’ (Fox News) – Cultural progressives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina want to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair. They say the word “Dixie” is offensive. Councilman James Taylor told FOX8 that some folks find the word “offensive” and some folks are “angry” with the name. ... The post North Carolina Town Wants to Ban ‘Dixie’ appeared first on Tea Party.

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