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ENG: Steven "Steve" Fielding (born 17 October 1960), was a Senator representing the state of Victoria and the federal parliamentary leader of the Family First Party in Australia. Elected to the Senate at the 2004 federal election on two percent of the Victorian vote, he failed to gain re-election at the 2010 federal election. His term ended 30 June 2011. Mr Fielding rejects the theory of evolution and has publicly espoused his belief in Creationism. Political career His first foray into politics came in 2003 when he successfully stood as an Independent candidate for the Knox City Council. Fielding has described the decision to stand as "very last-minute", but others, such as the mayor of the council, Jenny Moore, and then Victorian Labor MP Peter Lockwood, claim that Fielding was ...
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Fielding tells Senate of swine flu fear over sick relative

FAMILY First Senator Steve Fielding is taking Tamiflu to guard against swine flu after taking his sick sister-in-law into his home.Senator Fielding is known for his attention-grabbing stunts, but he may have gone too far today with his statement that he may have brought swine flu to Parliament House."My wife's sister has got swine flu and she had nowhere to go,'' he admitted. "She was on her own and she's now confined to our house and has been there for a little while."Senator Fielding said he "didn't want to take a sickie"."The last thing I want to do is shut down Parliament but this week was ...

Digital TV 'sabotage'

THE Federal Government has accused the Opposition of deliberately trying to sabotage the national switch to digital TV.The Opposition, along with cross-bench senators Steve Fielding and Nick Xenophon, yesterday managed to water down the Communications Minister's power to set regional switch-over dates.The amendments form a part of draft laws that will allow the Government to switch off analog TV by December 31, 2013.Under the amendments the Government would need to publicly identify the conditions that determine readiness for switchover and ensure they were met.Communications Minister Stephen ...

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