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The U.S. Representative for Tennessee's 9th congressional district, serving since 2007.
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ENG: Stephen Ira Cohen (born May 24, 1949) is the U.S. Representative for Tennessee's 9th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Tennessee's 9th district includes almost three-fourths of Memphis. Cohen is Tennessee's first Jewish congressman. Early life, education, and law career Cohen was born in Memphis, Tennessee on May 24, 1949 to pediatrician Morris D. Cohen and his wife Genevieve. He has two older brothers, Michael Corey and Martin D. Cohen. He is a fourth-generation Memphian, and is the grandson of a Jewish newsstand owner who immigrated from Lithuania. Cohen contracted polio when he was five, and the disease caused him to shift his attention from sports to politics at an early age. When Cohen was eleven, John F. Kennedy made a ...
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Congressman Calls For Investigation On Mo’ Money Taxes

Congressman Steve Cohen out of Memphis plans to join a Virginia Congressman in sending a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder calling for an investigation into Mo' Money Taxes. This time of year is big business for tax preparers, but the response from Mo' Money Taxes customers is anything but positive. Customers all over the southeast have been complaining to the news media about the company. Just this week all six stores in the Norfolk, Virginia area were shut down and computers taking away by police. "The police took the computers out. They're not seized. They just took them out ...

Congressman Cut Off From Own Synagogue

Democrat Steve Cohen, the first Jewish congressman to represent a district in Tennessee, has lost a key constituency, the small Jewish community in Memphis, after the borders of his district were redrawn.Cohen’s Ninth District has been reshaped in a way that cut him off from most of the Jews living in Memphis. Even Cohen’s synagogue will be represented by another congressman.The redistricting was determined by Tennessee’s Republican-led state legislature, following the latest U.S. Census.Cohen appealed the decision and asked for an adjustment that would have kept the Jewish ...

Steve Cohen regrets losing Jewish voters in Tenn.’s 9th

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), the first Jewish congressman ever elected in Tennessee, will be running in a fundamentally new 9th Congressional District this year without a strong base of support from the Jewish community in Memphis. On Friday, the Tennessee Senate approved a redistricting map that would effectively move most of Cohen’s Memphis-area Jewish constituency into the 8th Congressional District, represented by Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.). Cohen, who represented most of the Memphis Jewish community for 20 years in the state senate and U.S. House of Representatives, expressed ...

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Reschedule Marijuana
Dear Friend,  This week, I sent a letter to Attorney General Holder asking him to reschedule marijuana and I led a letter with three of my colleagues asking for Speaker Boehner to postpone Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Keep reading to learn more about what happened this week.  AG Holder Should Reschedule MarijuanaPostpone PM Netanyahu’s Address to CongressPhone ScamsVisit to Ronald McDonald HouseHelp Bring First Lady Michelle Obama to Memphis! AG Holder Should Reschedule Marijuana On Wednesday, I sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling on him to use his authority to reschedule marijuana. Read more about it here. You can read my letter here. Postpone PM Netanyahu’s Address to Congress I led a letter with Congressman Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Maxine Waters which was co-signed by 20 other Members of Congress asking Speaker Boehner to postpone Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress until after the Israeli election. Read more about i
Cohen Statement on Governor Haslam’s Criticism of President Obama’s Community College Plan
[MEMPHIS, TN] – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09), who is known across the state for his twenty-year fight to create a state lottery as “The Father of the Tennessee Education Lottery” and because Tennessee Lottery money is the source of the funding for Tennessee Promise has already been dubbed by some as “The Grandfather of the Funding of Tennessee Promise,” released the following statement regarding Governor Bill Haslam’s recent criticisms of America’s College Promise, which is President Obama’s new plan to provide two free years of community college: “Governor Haslam says he is ‘flattered’ that President Obama used Tennessee Promise as a model for the national America’s College Promise program. But, in reality, the biggest correlation between the two programs is the name. First, as Governor Haslam acknowledged this week, Tennessee’s program does not come out of the general budget. Instead, Tennessee Promise robs the existing Lottery Scholarship programs. Tenne
Cohen Introduces Legislation to Help End School-To-Prison Pipeline
[WASHINGTON, DC] – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) this week introduced an amendment to reduce youth incarceration in America by helping train school personnel such as teachers and counselors in innovative conflict resolution methods that are less likely to result in non-violent juveniles entering the penal system. Currently, many school systems involve the police in non-violent incidents on school property, which helps feed the “school-to-prison” pipeline that is both expensive and harmful to America’s youth. “Unless dealt with early and effectively, young perpetrators of minor, non-violent offenses can unnecessarily fall into a pattern of violent conduct later in life,” said Congressman Cohen. “By training educators in alternative conflict resolution methods that yield better results for everyone, we can keep our young people out of jail, help improve the healing process for victims, and save our country money.” Congressman Cohen’s amendment would amend the Elementa
Statement of Congressman Steve Cohen on His Decision Not to Attend PM Netanyahu’s Address to Congress
[WASHINGTON, DC] – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today issued the following statement regarding his decision not to attend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address to Congress next week: “As a supporter of the state of Israel and a Jewish American, I have been placed in a difficult position regarding the anticipated speech of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the United States Congress.  After deliberation, I have decided I cannot in good conscience attend the Prime Minister’s speech. My decision not to attend is not a reflection of my support for Israel and its continued existence as a state and home for the Jewish people.  I have always strongly supported Israel and I always will. However, I believe, as do many conscientious Members of Congress, that the speech is political theater by Prime Minister Netanyahu, the head of the Likud party, just two weeks before the elections in Israel.  However, the Prime Minister could not speak on the House floor witho

what happened to mo money taxes and more...
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