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Situación política en Mexico

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photo Sit. política en México - satisfecho

Sit. política en México - satisfecho

Haga clic en, si usted está satisfecho con la situación política en México. Di por qué? / Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in Mexico. Say, why?
Sit. política en México - insatisfecho

Sit. política en México - insatisfecho

Haga clic en, si no está satisfecho con la situación política en Mexico. Di por qué? / Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in Mexico. Say, why?

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Por qué México esta enfermo

Mientras reflexiono sobre mi país atribulado, me viene a la mente la letra de una canción de Bruce Springsteen: "Estamos lejos, muy lejos de casa. Nuestra casa está lejos, muy lejos de nosotros". Así es como se siente vivir en México hoy en día: lejos de la normalidad democrática; lejos de un sistema de salud que inspire seguridad; lejos de un gobierno que genere confianza; lejos de casa y cerca de todo lo que la pone en peligro.Mi tierra natal se ha convertido en un lugar donde demasiadas personas son víctimas, sucumben a un virus o ...

Rural Mexican villages dig moats to repel gangsters

That proverb about turmoil in small communities has never seemed truer than in this gangster-besieged village and a neighboring one in the bean fields and desert scrub a long day’s drive south of the Rio Grande.Since right before Christmas, armed raiders repeatedly have swept into both villages to carry away local men. Government help arrived too late, or not at all.Terrified villagers — at the urging of army officers who couldn’t be there around the clock — have clawed moats across every access road but one into their communities, hoping to repel the raids. Most of ...

Collapse of the Mexican Nation

I’ve been predicting the collapse of the Mexican Nation-State since 2006. It turns out that was a bit premature. But with violence flaring, the potential for collapse in Mexico is once again in the headlines. Oil production continues to fall, border violence is up, and the government is preparing for a showdown with the drug cartels. I’ll argue below that the government will keep the wheels on through 2009, but that the Mexican state will collapse shortly thereafter, ushering in the beginning of the end of the Nation-State.It’s been difficult to read a paper or watch the news ...

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