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ENG: Simon James Power QSO (born 5 December 1969) is a former New Zealand politician. He was a member of the National Party and became Minister of Justice in the 2008-2011 National-led Government. He had previously served as the National Party's chief whip, and as its justice and corrections spokesman. Political career In the 1999 election, Power won Rangitikei. He defeated his opponent, the Labour Party's Craig Walsham, by slightly under three hundred votes. Once in parliament, Power became his party's spokesman on Labour, Industrial Relations, and Youth Affairs. After he retained his seat in the 2002 elections, these roles were swapped for Justice, Tertiary Education, and Workplace Skills. In 2003, when Don Brash became leader of the National Party, Power's responsibilities were ...
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Power backs off on criminal justice reform plans‎

Justice Minister Simon Power has raised the white flag on his controversial criminal justice reforms, committing to preserving the right to silence and substantially watering down other aspects to pass the bill with cross-party support. The concessions - which include compromises with the Labour Party on the rules around jury trials, having a trial proceed in the absence of the accused, and the ability of the court to impose fines - follow a week of intense and fast-moving negotiations with several parties.The proposed changes include: *Dropping the pre-trial disclosure regime - described ...

Simon Power works on ways to clear courts backlog

Justice Minister Simon Power is going to bring a bill to parliament with more measures to help clear the court case backlog. Powelsaid yesterday they included raising the threshold needed for a jury trial, requiring counsel to attempt to resolve cases before going to a hearing, and requiring the defence to identify disputed issues so the court could focus on them at trial.Power told the Sensible Sentencing Trust conference 18-month delays in cases going to trial were unacceptable and were "drawing out what is an already painful experience for victims and their families".He has already ...

Speech: Simon Power

Speech: Simon Power - Speech To New Zealand Institute Of Liquor Licensing Inspectors Conference Thank you for inviting me to speak to you today.I'd particularly like to acknowledge Institute President Murray Clearwater.I'm very keen to hear your views on the Government's alcohol reform package, so instead of delivering a formal speech I'll make a few relatively brief remarks and then take your questions.When I spoke to last year's conference, I had just received a copy of the Law Commission's discussion document 'Alcohol in Our Lives'.A year on, I'm pleased to say the Government has ...

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