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Shinzō Abe

* Prime minister
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2012年以降、日本の現在の首相、自民党の社長。 | The current Prime Minister of Japan, and the President of the LDP since 2012.
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JPN: 安倍 晋三(あべ しんぞう、1954年〈昭和29年〉9月21日 - )は、日本の政治家。現在、衆議院議員(7期)、自由民主党総裁(第21・25代)、内閣総理大臣(第90・96代)。 自由民主党幹事長(第37代)、内閣官房長官(第72代)などを歴任した。 2010年4月義家弘介初代塾長の信州維新塾開講式や6月(後に最高顧問就任する)J-NSC自民党ネットサポーターズクラブ設立総会にゲスト参加。10月25日、インドのマンモハン・シン首相を来賓として迎えて開かれた日印友好議員連盟の会合で「(日印両国は)民主主義と法の統治を共有する同盟に近い関係だ」と述べた。 ...
for33against   私の意見で Shinzō Abe のではかなりの政治家良いです。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, positive
for33against   私は同意しない。 Shinzō Abe です悪い選択。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, negative
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Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe: Chinese need for conflict is ‘deeply ingrained’

TOKYO — China has a “deeply ingrained” need to spar with Japan and other Asian neighbors over territory, because the ruling Communist Party uses the disputes to maintain strong domestic support, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an interview. Clashes with neighbors, notably Japan, play to popular opinion, Abe said, given a Chinese education system that emphasizes patriotism and “anti-Japanese sentiment.” Abe’s theory on the entrenched motivation behind China’s recent naval aggression helps explain why he has spent more effort trying to ...

A New Era Requires New Political Will

AN ADDRESS BY THE HON. SHINZO ABE, FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN On April 17, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at Brookings hosted former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan for an address on key issues facing Japan, the United States and the world. Prime Minister Abe discussed Japan’s role in addressing regional and global security concerns as well as the global economic crisis and climate change. He also explored possible policy approaches to these and other issues for the Japanese and U.S. governments, as both countries and the international community face an ...

Shinzo Abe

Koji Sasahara/Associated Press Shinzo Abe was the first Japanese Prime Minister born after World War II, and he immediately embarked on an ambitious effort to shore up the nation's military, its independence and its national pride. In the process, he inflamed opponents who considered him a dangerous ideologue ready to jettison the postwar values that had brought stability, peace and wealth to Japan. He eventually resigned on Sept. 12, 2007, just shy of his 53d birthday and after having served as prime minister for just under a year, because of scandals, incompetence and ...

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