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'Segle 21' va ser un partit polític conservador a Andorra. | 'Century 21' was a conservative political party in Andorra.
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Feu clic a, si no dóna suport a aquest partit polític. Digueu per què. | Click, if you do not support this political party. Say why.

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ENG: Century 21 (Catalan: Segle 21) was a conservative political party in Andorra. The party first contested national elections in 2005, when it ran in alliance with the Andorran Democratic Centre. The alliance received 10.7% of the vote and won two seats. In 2005 the parties merged to form the New Centre. source February 7, 2013 updated: 2013-06-08
for33against   Jo clarament suport. Part Segle 21 √©s bastant bo. Per exemple, pel fet que... (si volia escriure per qu√® √©s bo, el vaig escriure aqu√≠), positive
for33against   M'oposo fermament. Segle 21 elecci√≥ √©s bastant dolenta. Per exemple, pel fet que ... (si volia escriure per qu√® √©s dolent, ho he escrit aqu√≠), negative
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