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Scott Tipton

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The U.S. Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2011.
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COLUMN: Let’s Cut Regulations in the 115th Congress
I recently launched a project to cut unnecessary, overly burdensome rules from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and I need your help.  The current CFR is over 75,000 pages long and full of regulations that are ridiculous, as well as regulations that are unnecessary and continue to stunt economic growth across our nation. For example, did you know that it is a federal crime to leave the U.S. with more than $25 worth of nickels in your pocket? Or that it’s illegal to sell mixed nuts if the nuts pictured on the label aren’t in decreasing size order? These are examples of some of the absurd regulations you’ll find in the CFR, but there are also federal rules that continue to kill jobs and hurt families, like the employer health insurance mandate, red tape that prevents veterans from getting medical care, and extreme energy efficiency standards that make refrigerators and hot water unaffordable. I started the Cut The Code Project, so we can take a hard look at the CFR and cut

Looking Forward to the 115th Congress
We’re approaching the time of year when most people begin to think about their New Year’s resolutions. As we look forward to all of the opportunities 2017 will bring, I think it’s also important to take a moment to reflect on the progress we have made in the past year and identify areas where there is still work to be done. Representing the Third Congressional District of Colorado in the 114th Congress has been an honor. My primary focus this Congress has been on advancing policies that grow jobs, spur economic growth, and support health and safety in our communities. Within the Financial Services Committee, we worked on the Small Bank Exam Cycle Reform Act, which was signed into law, and the Taking Account of Institutions with Low Operation Risk (TAILOR) Act, which is slated to be included in a larger regulatory reform package the House will pass next year. We hope the Senate can also pass and get it signed into law early next Congress. Both of these bills will support growth on

Tipton Asks Constituents to Help Him Cut Regulations in the 115th Congress
Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) has launched a project to “Cut The Code” in the 115th Congress and is asking constituents for their help. The Cut The Code Project is an effort to roll back ridiculous, outdated, or overly burdensome regulations that have impacted constituents in the Third Congressional District of Colorado. “The current Code of Federal Regulations is over 75,000 pages long and filled with regulations that are stunting economic growth across our nation,” said Tipton. “My office wants to hear from people who have experienced the effects of a ridiculous or unnecessarily burdensome regulation. We’ll take a look at the appropriate statutes and history of the regulation, and we’ll determine if we can introduce legislation to cut it.” The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is made up of the rules and regulations that the Executive Branch develops to enforce the laws in the U.S. Code. Constituents who would like to submit ideas to Tipton can do so online at www

Tipton Acts to Prevent Illegal Foreign Trade Practices, Protect U.S. Steel Jobs
Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03), along with 42 other members of the Congressional Steel Caucus, recently sent a letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) asking the agency to use its full authority to fight illegal foreign trade practices that have undermined the U.S. steel industry. In recent years, foreign countries, especially China, have utilized a method called “dumping” to offer imported steel products at a price that is lower than the U.S. domestic price. This process has impacted American steel manufacturers, causing plants like Evraz Steel in Pueblo, CO, to lay off workers, while other manufacturers have had to close their doors completely. “We have worked hard in Congress to ensure that American manufacturers have a level playing field with foreign competitors, but countries like China are taking advantage of U.S. agencies’ lax enforcement of existing trade laws,” said Tipton. “I have supported numerous pieces of legislation to protect U.S. steel jobs, a

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