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Sanjaagiin Bayar

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Sanjaagiin Bayar is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo Санжаагийн Баяр

Санжаагийн Баяр - for

Монголын улс төрч, дипломатч, Монгол улсын 25 дахь ерөнхий сайд. | A Mongolian politician.
 NO! Санжаагийн Баяр

Санжаагийн Баяр - against

Нажмите, если вы не поддерживаете его. Скажите, почему. Click, if you do not support Sanjaagiin Bayar. Say why.

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Time IP adress Vote
8 days ago185.103.254.68[+] for
3 years ago5.132.151.0against [-]
3 years ago103.229.122.224[+] for
4 years ago46.5.253.41[+] for
5 years ago5.132.151.0against [-]
5 years ago27.123.214.110[+] for
5 years ago202.55.182.82[+] for
6 years ago182.160.5.52[+] for
6 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
6 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
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