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Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Minister of State for the Status of Women and Minister of Western Economic Diversification.
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Washington State lawyer advocates for marijuana regulations in BC - MetroNews Canada
MetroNews CanadaWashington State lawyer advocates for marijuana regulations in BCMetroNews CanadaSome expressed concerns that regulating pot shops could open cities up to legal prosecution or even arrest by the RCMP, especially since federal Conservative Health Minister Rona Ambrose has threatened action against pot shops. Salmon Arm Coun.and more »

Letter: Chamber to hold forum Sept. 30 - MorinvilleNews.com
MorinvilleNews.comLetter: Chamber to hold forum Sept. 30MorinvilleNews.comBrennan Green from the Green Party, Ernest Chauvet from the Christian Heritage Party and Rona Ambrose, the Incumbent from the Conservative [Party of Canada] will be on hand to partake in a meet and greet. From 6:30-7:00pm attendees will be able to ...

Nanaimo reviews options on pot shops - Nanaimo News Bulletin
Nanaimo reviews options on pot shopsNanaimo News BulletinFederal Health Minister Rona Ambrose was not available for an interview and an e-mailed statement did not address questions about Nanaimo's review or how municipalities are expected to deal with dispensaries. The statement maintained the federal ...

The Plot Thickens – Rona Ambrose on the RAM versus the LRT
Rona Ambrose has just issued this press release on the Royal Alberta Museum – seemingly suggesting that federal support for the RAM would mean a cut in support for LRT. We’re still working to get a reaction and an explanation. But for now, I wanted you all to see it here. What do you think […]

Danielle Smith, Stephen Mandel, and the Reset Button
Well, will wonders never cease. Danielle Smith, Leader of of Alberta’s Loyal Opposition, is now ready to reach out to the mayor of Alberta’s capital city. “I am open to pressing the restart button on the relationship with Mayor Mandel,” she told reporters on Tuesday. “I hope he is, too. I’ve heard he is a […]

Next generation of top-tier Tories showcased - InsideHalton.com
Next generation of top-tier Tories showcasedInsideHalton.comOther more veteran ministers, including Rona Ambrose, Tony Clement, Lisa Raitt and Maxime Bernier have also been doing work outside of their own ridings. And then there's Defence Minister Jason Kenney — besides Leader Stephen Harper, the only ...and more »

The Royal Alberta Museum's design isn't perfect, but it's the right project in the right place
Premier Alison Redford and Edmonton’s senior federal minister Rona Ambrose have a few decent reasons to hesitate before signing off on the Royal Alberta Museum project. In the end, though, more compelling reasons should convince Redford and Ambrose not to renege on the funding commitments made by their respective governments. The new Royal Alberta Museum […]

Snappy, Sexy, Grippy: Julian Martin on how to write a winning grant application
Julian Martin isn’t a household name in Edmonton. But as director of regional affairs in Rona Ambrose’s Edmonton office, he wields significant political clout in this community. He’s the minister’s primary gate-keeper and local policy advisor, the power behind the throne, the Sir Humphrey Appleby to her Jim Hacker. Martin, most unusually, made the news […]

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