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Rona Ambrose

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Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Minister of State for the Status of Women and Minister of Western Economic Diversification.
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Despite 'ocean of fire' that raged around Fort McMurray, about 90 per cent of structures saved
While an “ocean of fire” raged around Fort McMurray last week, somehow, only about 10 per cent of the city was destroyed, leaving much of its critical infrastructure intact. About 2,400 structures were turned to ash and debris as the wildfire ripped through the northern Alberta oil capital last week, while 25,000 others were spared […]

Wednesday's letters: Extraordinary evacuees deserve praise
  I was volunteering at my local Legion Hall and had several Fort McMurray evacuees pass by and say something like: “You guys are awesome!” People with a ready smile in the midst of their adversity. It choked me up every time. One guy grabbed a flat of 15 bottles of water on his way out. I […]

Politicians past and present reflect on the 100th anniversary of Alberta women getting the vote
It has been 100 years since most Alberta women won the right to vote in a provincial election. But female politicians say there is still a long way to go to have women’s perspectives and voices fairly represented – and equally accepted – in the political realm. The Prairies, starting with Manitoba, led the way in securing most […]

Paula Simons: In heat of Fort McMurray crisis, our leaders lead with grace
It's our own Alberta version of a Christmas truce — a time to put aside bickering, gamesmanship and rivalry, to power through this emergency.

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