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The junior United States Senator from Wisconsin since 2011.
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ENG: Ronald Harold "Ron" Johnson (born April 8, 1955) is the junior United States Senator for Wisconsin, and a member of the Republican Party. and is associated with the Tea party movement.He is the chief executive officer of PACUR, LLC, a polyester and plastics manufacturer. Early life Johnson was born in Mankato, Minnesota. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, he married Jane, the daughter of the businessman Howard Curler, co-founder of Curwod Industries, now part of the multinational Bemis Company. Her brother, Jeff Curler, is Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Bemis.Johnson worked as an accountant for Jostens, a school class ring and yearbook supplier, while attending night school for an MBA. He completed his classes, but did not receive his degree ...
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Sen. Ron Johnson's ObamaCare atrocity

Oh Wisconsin. That state that gave us both workers' compensation and unemployment insurance now boasts a rookie senator, Ron Johnson, who can claim the great honor of authoring of the single worst opinion piece commemorating the one-year-anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Johnson kicks of his Wall Street Journal op-ed by calling the ACA "the greatest single assault on our freedom in my lifetime." He then recounts the tear-jerking story of his baby daughter Carey, who was born with a horrific heart defect, but survived due to fantastic, state-of-the-art medical intervention. Then ...

Senator R. Johnson on The Budget and the Debate in Wisconsin

Recently I was part of a conference call with Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wis). Johnson is a member of the GOP wave that over took Washington in the 2010 midterms. In a surprise to many, Johnson defeated long-time Wisconsin Senator, Democrat Russ Feingold. My first question was one that I have also asked Chief Deputy Whip of the House Peter Roskam. I wondered what Johnson's position was on the idea of states declaring bankruptcy. Johnson said that he agrees with Roskam that state should not be allowed to declare bankruptcy. "I totally agree with Peter Roskam. There's no way the federal ...

Senator Ron Johnson’s WSJ Op-Ed Revives Death Panels

In celebration of the one- year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson has taken to the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal to reinvigorate the misinformation campaign against health care reform as he continues to press the death panel narrative. Johnson cynically uses his daughter, Carey, to make his point – explaining how Obamacare might have left her to die when she was born with a congenital heart ailment. Fortunately, highly capable surgeons were able to repair the problem, allowing Carey to live a normal life. Yet, Johnson fears that the ...

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