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Hide on the Auckland Super City
Rodney Hide writes in the Herald: I’m afraid rate hikes seem a forever-thing. We keep voting for politicians who promise things and those things cost money which means higher rates. Rates will only come down if we elect politicians promising less, not more. That’s not been the case for years. The fault is with us. […]

Hide resigns as Act leader
Rodney Hide has resigned as ACT leader, endorsing former National leader Don Brash to take his place. read more

Act's long, hard road from populism back to principle
For the several hundreds of thousands of voters of conservative mind, Rodney Hide has a message. If they think they can afford to watch Act New Zealand go down the gurgler, they should think again. read more

Sarah Cohen teachers' passion impresses Hide
Associate Education Minister Rodney Hide may not have made a funding announcement but having the opportunity to talk to him was enough for staff and parents of Sara Cohen School yesterday. read more

Hide supports term limits for politicians
I have been a very long standing advocate for term limits for MPs.  In fact as a Young National in the early 1990s I gained a fair bit of media attention for my remit proposing a maximum of six terms for MPs. The Herald pointed out the only two National MPs it would have impacted […]

Hide on Labour and unions
Rodney Hide writes in NBR: The stunning revelation of Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater’s e-book Dodgy Unions is how little they give the Labour Party. I had always thought it was millions.   That’s because of the power union bosses exercise over the party. Union bosses get to vote for party leader, they block vote candidate selection, get […]

Hide and others on TPP
Rodney Hide writes: Auckland University law Professor Jane Kelsey is wrong. Specifically, she is wrong with her constant criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. For years she has pumped out press releases and opinion pieces and given endless interviews to scare us witless about the evils of the TPPA. She has complained it “raises the […]

Now for the post-coup turbulence
The political landscape stretching predictably out before the November 26 election with barely a wrinkle in sight just got more interesting - or at least unpredictable. read more

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