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Hide on Turei
Rodney Hide writes: Sadly, there’s a big chunk of voters who think they’re entitled to live off the work of others. They see it as government’s job to make that happen. They vote for handouts. Nothing signals handouts better than a party leader saying, “Hey, I lived on handouts too – and when I was […]

Hide says List MPs become too powerful if they can’t be replaced
Rodney Hide writes: Former Clerk of the House David McGee is recommending that resigning list MPs not be replaced by the next willing candidate on their party list. He is suggesting the change to discourage MPs slipping in and out of Parliament outside of an election. With trepidation I suggest McGee is wrong. I hesitate […]

Rodney Hide on Labour’s water tax
Rodney Hide writes: Farmers are right to be worried about Labour’s plan to tax water. The power to tax is the power to destroy and such a tax has the potential to tip a farm from profitability to bust. Every farmer’s financial circumstance is different and even a modest tax could prove devastating for farmers […]

Rodney Hide on the opportunity cost of compulsory te reo
Rodney Hide writes: I would love to be able to speak te reo fluently. I would also like to play the violin, solve Einstein’s field equations and run a sub-three hour marathon. I can’t do any of these things. It’s not that I am lazy. It’s that I am busy. I figure the reward wouldn’t […]

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