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Rodney on union power
Rodney Hide writes: There was a time, not so long ago, when the unions could grind the country to a halt and drop a government to its knees. Not now. Their latest industrial action is to tweet a boycott of My Food Bag. That you didn’t know demonstrates their puniness. That you don’t care, their […]

Hide on the Little blunder
Rodney Hide writes: The good thing about stunts is that you get to prepare them. You get to choose when and where and have time to develop and craft your message. You have staff and MPs to check things out. It is important to check every detail and every fact from every angle. The journalists […]

Hide on the left
Rodney Hide writes: What ails the left? They lack puff and policy. They were once vibrant, challenging and full of ideas. The right were the dreary, backward-looking ones. The left now suffer from closed minds and moral smugness. They are moribund and backward-looking. They run from ideas. Opposing philosophies distress them. They pillory dissenters as […]

Hide’s problems and solutions for local government
Rodney Hide first lays out the problems with local government: First, local government is controlled and directed by central government. The Auckland Council inherited 109 statutory functions. It’s no longer the mayor and the town clerk looking after the parks and collecting the rubbish. There’s been no rationalisation of function. Second, the all-important spend on […]

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