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ENG: Rodney Philip Hide, QSO (born 16 December 1956), is a New Zealand politician who was leader of the political party ACT New Zealand from 2004 to 2011. From 2005 to 2011 he represented the electorate of Epsom as its Member of Parliament. Rodney Hide was Minister of Local Government, Associate Minister of Commerce and Minister of Regulatory Reform. The last portfolio was mainly concerned with reducing government regulation or "red tape", a topic that had been one of Rodney Hide's core policies in his election campaign. He stepped down as ACT leader in April 2011 after a leadership challenge from Don Brash. Political career Hide first entered Parliament in 1996 as a list MP. He won the party parliamentary leadership role in a closely contested primary after the retirement of ...
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Hide says dumped deputy tougher than he realised

ACT Party leader Rodney Hide says he under-estimated the resilience of his former deputy Heather Roy, who was dumped last week.The party has been in turmoil following Mrs Roy's demotion and the leaking of a dossier revealing a dysfunctional relationship between her and Mr Hide.Mrs Roy returned to Parliament this week.She and Mr Hide presented a united front on Thursday, walking into Parliament side by side saying their differences were behind them.At a caucus meeting, Mrs Roy apologised for the damage caused by the leak and said she accepts Mr Hide did not act to undermine her. He also ...

Hide faces challenge from within party

There are fresh problems for Act leader Rodney Hide, with reports a member of his own party plans to contest his nomination for the seat of Epsom.Newstalk ZB reported Peter Tashkoff, who is number seven on Act's party list, would contest the nomination after Hide's handling of the dumping of Act deputy, Heather Roy, last week.Tashkoff said he had no faith in Hide, and was disgusted with how he had handled the Roy saga.He said Hide was a failure as a leader and a liability to the party.The revelation comes after Hide signalled earlier today that Roy would find it extremely difficult to stay ...

Rodney Hide: Our objective is to make Auckland ...

Everything we are setting out to achieve is geared to a single objective - to make Auckland greater.We are doing this because Auckland ratepayers are sick of their city being paralysed by the woeful inability of eight councils to agree on anything.This is about improvement and greater efficiency.This is about what's good for ratepayers. This is about providing a service culture from the people in the ratepayers' pay from the moment the phone is answered.This is a plan for a city of the future.There has been a lack of leadership and no single vision for Auckland, but soon its leaders will be ...

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Hide on Turei
Rodney Hide writes: Sadly, there’s a big chunk of voters who think they’re entitled to live off the work of others. They see it as government’s job to make that happen. They vote for handouts. Nothing signals handouts better than a party leader saying, “Hey, I lived on handouts too – and when I was […]
Rodney Hide on Labour’s water tax
Rodney Hide writes: Farmers are right to be worried about Labour’s plan to tax water. The power to tax is the power to destroy and such a tax has the potential to tip a farm from profitability to bust. Every farmer’s financial circumstance is different and even a modest tax could prove devastating for farmers […]
Rodney says National and Labour should walk away
Rodney Hide writes: The ultimate coalition winner may well be the party that first cries enough and walks out of negotiations citing an outrageous demand. It would look principled and honourable. And from then on there would only be upside. It would certainly suit Labour. Jacinda Ardern ran a fantastic campaign to get a truly […]
Rodney Hide on the opportunity cost of compulsory te reo
Rodney Hide writes: I would love to be able to speak te reo fluently. I would also like to play the violin, solve Einstein’s field equations and run a sub-three hour marathon. I can’t do any of these things. It’s not that I am lazy. It’s that I am busy. I figure the reward wouldn’t […]

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