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The U.S. Representative for Virginia's 5th congressional district, serving since January 2011.
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ENG: Robert Hurt (born June 16, 1969) is the U.S. Representative for Virginia's 5th congressional district, serving since January 2011. He is a member of the Republican Party. The district stretches from Charlottesville to Southside and west to Bedford and Franklin counties. Prior to joining Congress, Hurt was a state senator and delegate, councilman and attorney. Hurt was born in New York City and raised in Chatham, Virginia. After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College and Mississippi College School of Law, Hurt served as a chief assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Pittsylvania County, Virginia from 1996to 1999. Afterwards, he worked as an attorney for the firm H. Victor Millner, Jr. P.C. in Chatham from 1999to 2008 and opened his own law firm in 2008. Hurt's political ...
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Congressman 'impressed' with CEED

Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt got a first hand look last week at the Center for Energy Efficient Design at the Gereau Center. Hurt was given a guided tour of the CEED and the Gereau Center by Kevin Bezy, the principal, and John Richardson, an environmental science teacher. Hurt also met many of the staff members and told them that he was impressed with the school. The CEED is the first public school building in the United States with Passivhaus technology and standards to achieve certification from the Passive House Institute U.S. Richardson explained to the congressman the ...

Congressman Hurt hears Bedford concerns on healthcare, govt.

More than a dozen people met with 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt on Wednesday in Bedford, hoping he can solve their issues when he goes back to Washington D.C. Anna Simpson said she likes healthcare reform, and doesn't want it repealed. "The affordability of healthcare, that it will not be repealed, because there are many people who have insurance that have it now that did not have it before, because they have been turned down for pre-existing conditions,” said Simpson. The economy is a concern for Assistant Bedford County Administrator Frank Rogers. "What happens locally to ...

Hurt visits the district; responds to Democrats

Congressman Robert Hurt is spending the week touring the 5 th District and talking to constituents. On Wednesday, he visited Danville and Southern Virginia Vehicle Motion Labs at Virginia International Raceway. Hurt said he prefers meeting with businesses and fifth district residents in one-on-one settings. He visited SoVa Motion because many new developments are being done there and it could have an impact on the local economy. “This has all sorts of prospects for jobs,” said Hurt, who added that he likes knowing what is going on in the region. Hurt has been to many local ...

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Robert's Round-Up: Our Separation Of Powers Must Be Respected
Enshrined our United States Constitution, our Founders meticulously designed three branches of government so that too much power would not be concentrated in any one branch. This is because they understood that if one branch were to possess unchecked authority, that power would ultimately diminish the inherent rights of the individual citizen. Article I of our Constitution created the Congress - the legislative branch - to write the laws; Article II created the office of the President - the executive branch - to faithfully execute the laws made by Congress; and Article III created the U.S. Supreme Court - the judicial branch - to assure that the actions of the Congress and the President are in keeping with our Constitution. Unfortunately, the most prominent examples in recent memory have shown ‎a combination of two trends - the aggressive expansion of executive authority by the President and the abdication of legislative authority by the Congress. This not only undermines the Fou
Robert's Round-Up: Our National Security Tactics Must Not Undermine Our Safety
As each day goes by, we continue to learn more about the Administration’s misleading details regarding its arrangement with the Iranian regime. It is astounding that we continue to push legal and ethical boundaries in order to pay cash to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. These cash payments were paid as recently as just a month ago and as far back as January of this year, and even more disturbing, we learned that the President made these payments while keeping the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff in the dark about the transactions. This past week, the House of Representatives took a step to ensure this will not happen again. The Prohibiting Future Ransom Payments to Iran Act would effectively prohibit cash payments to the Government of Iran in order to keep a solid track record of exactly what, if any, monetary transactions are being made with Iran and why. This bill serves an extraordinarily important purpose in that it would keep the Administ
Robert's Round-Up: Reining In The CFPB’s Unchecked Authority
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created by the Dodd-Frank Act with the intention of overseeing consumer protection in the financial sector, taking over those responsibilities from various other federal agencies. It was equipped, however, with unprecedented authority and an entirely unaccountable governance structure that defies the basic principle of separation of powers. The agency has been allowed to run roughshod over the financial sector without much consideration for consumers or the rule of law, which has severe consequences for our economy. This past Tuesday, a federal appeals court made a ruling deeming the CFPB’s foundational structure unconstitutional citing its immense share of unchecked authority. The CFPB receives its funding directly from the Federal Reserve, which is not held to a minimal standard of transparency or accountability, and is subjected to very limited congressional oversight – a semi-annual Financial Services Committee hearin
Robert's Round-Up: Stop Insurance Company Bailouts and Help the American People
The negative consequences and impacts of the President’s health care law continue to manifest themselves, with new and different problems emerging at every turn. The law has not accomplished what its sponsors said it would accomplish; instead it has cost hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars, dramatically driven up premiums and deductibles, and reduced consumer choices for both coverage and medical providers. Many insurance providers have dropped out of federal health care exchanges since this government-knows-best scheme is not giving them what they bargained for when the law was negotiated. The government-imposed rules and mandates for selling insurance in the federal marketplace interfere with the companies’ business models to the point where they either charge customers exorbitant premiums or risk insolvency. Instead, these companies find it easier to just leave the marketplace in a given state rather than face those consequences. This was entirely predictable, but

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