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A former Royal Marines officer and Governor of Gibraltar. | Un militar británico, Gobernador de Gibraltar entre 2006 y 2009.
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Investigation finds hundreds of GP surgeries are closing their lists to new arrivals, forcing out existing patients or facing closure
More independence will be on the agenda | @guardianletters
Perhaps Westminster politicians should have spent more time creating a more equal and fair UK to help keep the union together rather than trying to act as policemen to the world with an overblown self-image, attitude and organisational way of operating across the UK that is a leftover from the UK as a colonial power, with Westminster reluctant to let go (Shock new poll says Scots set to vote yes to independence, 7 September). A more fair society cant have all the power in one place. This is not just unfair, it is ridiculous.Regardless of the outcome of the Scottish independence vote, more independence from Westminster will, I am sure, now be on the agenda for English regions, Wales and Northern Ireland in terms of more power to raise revenue and decide how it will be spent. Continue reading...
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