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U.S. Representative for Florida's 11th congressional district - member of the Republican Party.
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ENG:Richard B. Nugent(born May 26, 1951) is the U.S. Representative for Florida's 11th congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. He is formerly the Sheriff of Hernando County, Florida. On November 2, 2010 Richard Nugent defeated Democratic nominee James Piccillo, to replace retiring Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite. Nugent is a member of the Tea Party Caucus and believes that Communists are a "national security threat." Early life, education, and early law enforcement career Richard B. Nugent was born on May 26, 1951. He is a native of Evergreen Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. His father was a steel worker and his mother was a homemaker. Nugent graduated from St. Leo College, located in St. Leo, Pasco County, Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He went on ...
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Nugent: Young People Are Having An Impact

Following his visit to the Springstead High School Anti-Bullying Rally, Rep. Rich Nugent (FL-05) issued the following statement.: “I had the honor of attending an anti-bullying rally at Springstead High School this morning. Four hundred and eighty-two high school juniors representing the entire junior class have signed a pledge against bullying and have made it their mission to bring attention to this important issue. I believe they will exhibit the courage to live up to the pledge they have made. “I also want to recognize Tod Leiweke and the Tampa Bay Lighting for their efforts ...

Nugent's has only criticism for Obama administ. jobs plans

Nugent's criticism isn't constructive Right on cue, U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent posts his criticisms of Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Pasco County to promote the jobs plan. Mr. Nugent laments, "Where on Earth are they going to get that money?" As usual, Mr. Nugent offers criticism and not one solution. Simply closing the corporate tax loopholes and eliminating the Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 percent would provide a significant amount of that money. Leading economists have urged Congress to take such action. But rather than stand up for the citizens of his district and do the ...

Nugent is calling for a criminal probe

Allegations of sex at the office, padded overtime sheets, and misuse of federal money prompted an emergency meeting of the Pasco Housing Authority Board on Tuesday, however, the board is standing behind embattled director Karen Turner. When we asked the crowd that packed the small room how many there would be willing to go to jail for Turner, many raised their hands and said they would. That's what Pasco Housing employees are saying as many took a vacation day and packed the emergency board meeting so some opposed to Karen Turner could not get in. It appeared to be the way the board liked ...

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