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Richard Lugar

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Former United States Senator from Indiana and a member of the Republican Party.
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ENG: Richard Green "Dick" Lugar (born April 4, 1932) is a former United States Senator from Indiana and a member of the Republican Party. First elected to the Senate in 1976, he was the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and was its chairman from 1985 to 1987 and 2003 to 2007. Much of Lugar's work in the Senate was toward the dismantling of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons around the world. Before his election to the United States Senate, Lugar served as mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also the longest-serving Senator in Indiana's history, and was the most senior Republican member of the senate. In 2012, however, he lost the Republican primary for a seventh term and his service in the Senate ended in January 2013. Early life, education, and early ...
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Lugar Insults Conservatives, Indiana GOP County Chairmen

I received an interesting piece of spam from Richard Lugar’s campaign. I call it “interesting” because it indicates that Lugar apparently intends to court voters who might be contemplating a vote for Richard Mourdock by calling them morons. And then speaking to them as if they were morons: Unfortunately, a large number of Republican County Chairmen have been duped into participating in the same failed scheme that resulted in ChristineO’Donnell and Sharron Angle and cost ustwo crucial Senate Seats in 2010.(If the Republican parties in Delaware, Nevada, and Colorado ...

Sen.Lugar reminds voters he has been advocating the Fair Tax

Lugar, facing a primary challenge back home, points out that he has been advocating the Fair Tax for 16 years. His office has released 10 things you should know about the Fair Tax, which are listed below: Because the income taxes imbedded in the final cost of goods and services are roughly equivalent to the FairTax, the prices of goods and services won't change significantly. Low income families will not have an increase in taxes. The bill includes a tax "pre-bate" to insure fairness to American citizens, covering costs of essential purchases. Tax compliance will be higher. Currently a ...

Debt Debate Shades Richard Lugar’s Fight for Reelection

Ending the debt ceiling stalemate in Washington will require some bipartisanship. Neither side has the votes to pass their plan without help from the other party before an Aug. 2 deadline. But it has become politically perilous to work across the aisle. Just ask Sen. Richard Lugar, who is the longest-serving federal lawmaker in Indiana history, and who is in the fight of his political life. In Indiana, state treasurer Richard Mourdock, who’s hoping to unseat 35-year incumbent Lugar, is hoping to use the gridlock to his advantage. Mourdock is zeroing in on Lugar’s relationship ...

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