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Respect is a socialist political party in the United Kingdom.
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Click, if you do not support the Respect Party (Respect – The Unity Coalition). Say why.

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American Indian Reservation
Thousands of years ago, the land that we know as the USA today, belonged to the Native Americans. As the settlers pushed inwards, these native tribes were deprived of their lands. Finally, and after many wars, the USA government agreed to give the large American Tribes plots of land to call their own. The plots [...]

Why the 1 percent have nothing to fear - CBS News
Why the 1 percent have nothing to fearCBS NewsPolls consistently show that Americans of both parties believe that income inequality exists and that it is a problem, but as Democratic pollster Mark Mellman explains, when you ask voters to rank "income inequality" among other issues, only 1 percent ...and more »

Turks in Germany
When after-war Germany was in need of workers, the German government had to recruit people from overseas. They recruited then from the south of Europe. Initially, the workers came from Italy, then from Spain and Greece. Then in 1961, Germany also made a pact with Turkey to supply workers. Initially, neither the Germans, nor the [...]

Respect party doesn't want a class war - Bristol Post
Respect party doesn't want a class warBristol PostCAN I correct some points from RL Smith of Knowle (Bristol Post January 28 "New school claims are class driven")? The Respect Party does not want a class war. Respect does not want any war. Respect is the anti-war party. Yes we expect that the rich ...

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence
These women have united against violence to colored women. This is an activist organization of national level, made up of colored radical feminists. They have advanced a movement to end the violence against all women of color and violence against their communities. They do this through grassroots organizing, critical dialogues and direct actions. The name [...]

Christopher Koch ends short-lived Libertarian candidacy for governor - MinnPost.com
MinnPost.comChristopher Koch ends short-lived Libertarian candidacy for governorMinnPost.comKoch said he has nothing but respect for the efforts of the Libertarian Party. “There's a real hunger for alternatives to the Republicans and Democrats,” he said. “The Libertarian Party is an appropriate home for me.” The Republican Party in which he ...

Aborigines in Australia
The oldest living cultural history of the world is to be found as the indigenous cultures of Australia. They date back to 50,000 to 65,000 years , when migrants from Africa entered Australia. They have survived so long mainly due to their ability to adapt and change. Over time, they have built an affinity to [...]

Outgoing Piñera slammed by his own party - Buenos Aires Herald
Outgoing Piñera slammed by his own partyBuenos Aires HeraldMembers of RN lashed out at Piñera during a dinner to honour outgoing lawmakers, claiming that Piñera had failed to recognize his government's mistakes and accusing him of having “little respect” for the parties that comprise Alianza: RN and the more ...and more »

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