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Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) - women's organization based in Quetta, Pakistan. / جمعیت انقلابی زنان افغانستان
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ENG: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is a women's organization based in Quetta, Pakistan, that promotes women's rights and secular democracy. It was founded in 1977 by Meena Keshwar Kamal, an Afghan student activist who was assassinated in February 1987 for her political activities. The group, which supports non-violent strategies, had its initial office in Kabul, Afghanistan, but then moved to Pakistan. The organization aims to involve women of Afghanistan in both political and social activities aimed at acquiring human rights for women and continuing the struggle against the government of Afghanistan based on democratic and secular, not fundamentalist principles, in which women can participate fully. RAWA also strives for multilateral disarmament. The ...
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Cousin of Farah Provincial Council Head Accused of Raping Boy
TOLOnews.com: The commander of an armed group in Farah has been accused of the kidnap, rape and torture of a 17-year-old boy, said the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization on Thursday. According to the human rights group, the boy was allegedly kidnapped in Farah province by Hamid Bakhto, a relative of the provincial council head.
Woman, man killed over ‘sexual relationship’
PAN: A man shot dead his brother’s wife and another man after accusing them of having a sexual relationship in the Sarobi district of central Kabul province on Monday, police said. Sarobi police chief Col. Mir Salam Adamkhel the incident took place in the centre of the district at around 4pm. The man, Tila Mohammad, shot dead his brother’s wife and another man, Faiz Mohammad, inside his home.
RAWA communiqué on Universal Human Rights Day
December 10, 2006 -- Five years ago, America and their allies attacked Afghanistan in the name of bringing "Human Rights", "Democracy", and "Freedom" to the war-torn country. The Taliban regime fell and Hamid Karzai's puppet regime, which included the world-known Northern Alliance criminals or as UN envoy Mahmoud Mestri said, "the bandit gangs", took over in the name of a fake democracy.
HRW: Karzai Must Hold Officials Accountable for Past Crimes
December 12, 2006 -- President Hamid Karzai should immediately enforce a program to provide truth, reconciliation and accountability for war crimes and major human rights abuses over the past 30 years in Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch said today. The Afghan government should establish a special court to try those responsible, some of whom hold high office, as soon as possible, Human Rights Watch said.

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