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Ramsay MacDonald

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Was a British statesman who was the first ever Labour Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Died in 1937.
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ENG: James Ramsay MacDonald, FRS (12 October 1866 – 9 November 1937) was a British statesman who was the first ever Labour Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leading a Labour Government in 1924, a Labour Government from 1929 to 1931, and a National Government from 1931 to 1935. Historians credit MacDonald, along with Keir Hardie and Arthur Henderson, as one of the three principal founders of the Labour Party. His speeches, pamphlets and books made him an important theoretician, but he played an even more important role as Leader of the Labour Party. He entered Parliament in 1906 and was the Chairman of the Labour MPs from 1911–14. His opposition to the First World War made him unpopular, and he was defeated in 1918. The fading of wartime passions made it easier ...
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A prime address

VIEWMOUNT, a lovely detached house at Lossiemouth, overlooks the Moray coast – and a slice of British political history.For it stands in Prospect Terrace, arguably the town’s most revered address.“It’s said that Ramsay MacDonald wanted to build a house here, but wasn’t allowed to,” said Vanessa Coe, who lives in Viewmount with her husband, Andrew, and their three children.Lossiemouth-born MacDonald became Britain’s first Labour prime minister in 1924. However, a decade earlier, while chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, he resigned his position ...

From the archive: Zinoviev letter still unexplained

Originally published on 5 November 1924 The Labour Government's brief term of office ended yesterday when Mr Ramsay MacDonald, the Prime Minister, had an audience with the King and tendered his resignation. At its last meeting the Cabinet issued the following statement:- The Committee appointed on October 31 to examine the authenticity of the Zinoviev letter, after hearing the Departments concerned, found it impossible on the evidence before them to come to a positive conclusion on the subject ... in the short time available. The Zinoviev letter purported to be a letter of instructions ...

Stuck with Brown, like a burnt-out Ramsay MacDonald

There are some interesting parallels between Ramsay MacDonald in the Thirties, and Gordon Brown now. Both Labour prime ministers were regarded by supporters as indispensable to the national interest, and both approached complete incoherence in their lowest moments. If Mr Brown hangs on as Prime Minister till next May by dint of hard work by the Labour whips in the House of Commons, it will be another re-run of the nightmare last days of MacDonald.Not much can be done to prevent this scenario. One of the glories of British democracy is that when you get stuck with a real shocker, all you can do ...

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