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सांसद और भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस के महासचिव। | The Vice President of the Indian National Congress (INC).
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क्लिक करें, यदि आप राहुल गांधी का समर्थन नहीं करते. क्यों कहना. / Click, if you do not support Rahul Gandhi. Say why.

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HIN: राहुल गांधी (जन्म: 19 जून 1970) एक भारतीय नेता और भारत की संसद के सदस्य हैं, और भारतीय संसद के निचले सदन लोकसभा में उत्तर प्रदेश में स्थित अमेठी चुनाव क्षेत्र का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं। राहुल गांधी भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस से संबद्ध हैं। राहुल उस नेहरू-गांधी परिवार से हैं, जो भारत का सबसे प्रमुख राजनीतिक ...
for33against   मेरी राय में राहुल गांधी काफी अच्छा और विश्वसनीय राजनीतिज्ञ है. वह / वह मेरा समर्थन किया है!, positive
for32against   मैं दृढ़ता से विरोध कर रहा हूँ! राहुल गांधी बहुत बुरा पसंद है. मैं अपने राजनीतिक विचारों के साथ सहमत नहीं हूँ., negative
for1against   Strongly against.When entire nation was in cries after 26/11 and most of the VIP's canceled their foriegn trips as a mark of respect, he was partying in the marriage of his friend, manhas4890
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I feel bad for Rahul Gandhi sometimes. There is something about him that just doesn’t seem to fit. Unlike other sons of politicians, who have embraced politics, have mass appeal with the public and are riding high on their father’s connections, Gandhi consistently appears disconnected from politics and people. He always seems to be just a little out of place and a little bit out of touch. From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, we have examples of sons of politicians who have succeeded in connecting with people and continuing the dynastic tradition of Indian politics. Y. S. Jagan Mohan ...

Rahul Gandhi turns 42: The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in their 40s

New Delhi - The annual rituals marking the birthday of Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, were rather subdued this year. Gandhi had spent the greater part of 2011 touring Uttar Pradesh, trying to garner support for Congress and extending the party's rural base. At 42, Gandhi is projected as the young face of Congress, and one who will, in time, take over the reins of the party from his Italian-born mother Sonia. Anointed as the 'Prime Minister-in-waiting' by the media, Gandhi is expected to eventually become prime minister if Congress and its allies retained power in ...

Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka with eye on polls; ...

... asks partymen to stay united Davangere: Elections are due in Karnataka next year, but for political parties, it is never too early to start preparations. The Congress' Rahul Gandhi has spent the weekend in north Karnataka in a bid to rally the Congress troops and take on the ruling BJP which is facing troubles of its own. And Mr Gandhi did not miss the chance of raising the issue of corruption - a sensitive point for the BJP in the state - with several party leaders, including former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, facing graft charges. "There is no other state more corrupt than ...

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Those who lost polls still engaging in vote-bank politics: PM
Modi's attack on rivals without naming them comes against the backdrop of BJP being accused of fanning communal violence in Uttar Pradesh. The post Those who lost polls still engaging in vote-bank politics: PM appeared first on Firstpost.
1984: A reckoning awaits
Arvind Kejriwal has demanded a Special Investigation Team (SIT) be set up to probe the genocide of Sikhs in 1984 following Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Rahul Gandhi in his interview to Arnab Goswami on TimesNow said “some Congressmen may have been involved” in the genocide.  Clearly, the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom deserves far more media, public and legal scrutiny than it has received.  Let me quote from a piece I wrote on September 3, 2012 to provide the background to the genocide: “Within hours of Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination, mobs began to gather in Delhi. Between the night of October 31 and the afternoon of November 3, over 3,000 Sikhs were killed in cold blood in Delhi alone. Well-known leaders of the Congress allegedly led the mobs. The lack of television coverage ensured few outside Delhi realised the full horror of what transpired in those three terror-filled days. “But the stories spilled out, bit by gruesome bit. The Sikh ne
False secularism: Slay the myth
As the communally-charged 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign enters its final stretch, it’s time to re-examine one of India’s most misunderstood concepts: secularism. The word has been subverted by political parties to create in Muslims a sense of permanent fear of “communal forces”.   The objective is not to empower Muslims, educate Muslims or modernize Muslims. The objective is to keep them in segregated silos: poor, under-educated and at the mercy of medieval mullahs. Their vote though is thereby guaranteed.   In Varanasi, AAP’s "secular" Arvind Kejriwal tells Muslims not to vote for "communal" Narendra Modi becaue they will not be safe under him. He does not tell Varanasi’s Muslims how they can better their lives through education, vocational training and social reform.   Like the Congress, SP, NCP, NC and the Congress' rabidly communal allies AIMIM and IUML, Kejriwal does not address Muslim welfare. He addresses Muslim votes. M
Modi: Why Western media still doesn’t get it (an update)
Over the past few months a spate of articles has appeared in the Western media bitterly critical of Narendra Modi. It would appear that a plague were about to visit India on May 16.  Roger Boyes wrote in the London Times: “It looks as if India is embarking on a sea change. We can and must respect their democratic choice. We can also warn our Indian friends, in case they haven’t worked it out for themselves, Mr. Modi is potentially big trouble.”  Amol Rajan, The Independent’s Indian-origin editor, wrote: “The charge sheet against Narendra Damodardas Modi is familiar and well-founded: the stench of Hindu nationalism covers him.”  The Economist’s infamous cover story on Modi two weeks ago advised Indians: “We do not find the prospect of a government led by Congress under Mr. (Rahul) Gandhi an inspiring one. But we have to recommend it to Indians as the less disturbing option.”  What drives such j

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