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Marijuana Party of Canada

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Marijuana Party of Canada is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
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The Marijuana Party of Canada | Le Parti Marijuana est un parti politique fédéral canadien qui vise à mettre fin à la prohibition et à son système politique.
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Click, if you do not support the Marijuana Party of Canada (Radical Marijuana). Say why. / Cliquez, si vous ne soutenez pas ce candidat. Dire pourquoi.

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CN BC: Editorial: Testing For Safety
Powell River Peak, 19 Oct 2016 - As long as marijuana remains illegal in Canada, we are trapped in a grey area that takes away our power as consumers. All Canadians should have the right to know what is in the products they buy, yet because of Health Canada's insistence that it is illegal for dispensaries or consumers to test marijuana products it also deems illegal, we are unable to find out if what we are buying is safe. Without requirements for unlicensed marijuana producers to test their products, Health Canada is also not ensuring product safety at the source.

CN AB: Fighting The Green Fight
Edmonton Sun, 18 Oct 2016 - Fentanyl crisis overtaking marijuana in Alberta You won't find many, if any, people working in law enforcement ready to admit that marijuana trafficking isn't still on their radar. In fact, they will go to great lengths to tell you otherwise.

CN AB: Man Recounts Arrest That Left Him Hospitalized
The Calgary Sun, 18 Oct 2016 - Panic, Clayton Prince says - flat out panic is what caused him to flee from Calgary police officers one night last July. The 34-year-old Calgary man doesn't deny he ran, and he doesn't deny he had marijuana on him, but several months later he still doesn't understand how that led to his being laid up in a hospital with broken ribs, a collapsed lung and infected wounds.

CN BC: Making Marijuana Dispensaries Safe
Powell River Peak, 19 Oct 2016 - Experts agree testing needed on marijuana products sold in storefronts As Canada inches closer to legalized marijuana, safety standards for dispensary-sold medical cannabis are being brought under greater scrutiny.

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