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Marijuana Party of Canada

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Marijuana Party of Canada is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
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The Marijuana Party of Canada | Le Parti Marijuana est un parti politique fédéral canadien qui vise à mettre fin à la prohibition et à son système politique.
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Click, if you do not support the Marijuana Party of Canada (Radical Marijuana). Say why. / Cliquez, si vous ne soutenez pas ce candidat. Dire pourquoi.

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Canada: Hemp Growers Try To Break Into Medical Market
Globe and Mail, 16 Jul 2016 - A cousin of marijuana, the plant is reported to be effective in treating epilepsy and other ailments, Mike Hager writes Each month, Sebastian Cyr uses a specialized extraction device he describes as being "as simple as a toaster," to make a concoction that he says relieves his Lyme disease symptoms.

CN AB: Column: Turn To God For Assistance In Breaking Bonds Of
The Calgary Sun, 17 Jul 2016 - QUESTION: I admit I probably smoke pot a bit more than I should (it's legal in our state), but now my wife is getting after me because she says I'm addicted to it and turning into the equivalent of an alcoholic. Can harmless drugs like pot really do that to you? - Z.K. ANSWER: No drug is harmless, and experts I have consulted agree that almost any drug can become addictive - including marijuana. When that happens, a person becomes more and more dependent on it, and may find it almost impossible to break away from it on their own. Gradually it ruins their life and destroys their relationships.

Canada: Marijuana Task Force Faces 'Fascinating Journey' In Making
Globe and Mail, 19 Jul 2016 - Mark Ware was working with patients suffering from a painful blood disease in the late 1990s when he noticed that many of them were self-medicating. The sickle cell anemia research clinic where he was working was in Jamaica, and the pain reliever of choice for a growing number of his patients was cannabis. The episode put the British-born, Jamaica-raised doctor on the path that has made him a world-renowned expert on the use of cannabis in pain management.

CN ON: Column: Intersection Goes To Pot
Toronto Sun, 16 Jul 2016 - Multiple sclerosis sufferer Justin Loizos led a group of frustrated medical marijuana patients into a downtown intersection Friday for a smoke session, which shut down traffic. The group of about 30 protesters were diverse but united in their mission to be heard. The patients who gathered at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Sts. were protesting Bill 178, which groups medical marijuana in with tobacco products in the Ontario Smoke Free Act. This bill would prevent patients from medicating in many places and threatens the existence of cannabis lounges in the city.

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