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Popularity of Israel

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photo Israel - I like

Israel - I like

אני אוהב את ישראל I like Israel
Israel - I don't like

Israel - I don't like

Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !? לחץ, אם אתה לא אוהב את המדינה הזו. להסביר, למה לא?

Online election results for "Israel - I like" in graph.

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Time IP adress Vote
1 year ago50.25.165.35against [-]
3 years ago80.110.65.131[+] for
3 years ago93.192.26.113[+] for
4 years ago93.192.19.7[+] for
4 years ago93.192.26.6[+] for
4 years ago174.236.233.30[+] for
4 years ago93.192.48.10[+] for
4 years ago79.180.127.30[+] for
4 years ago93.192.51.140[+] for
4 years ago93.192.56.223against [-]
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