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The Edge: Is the Military Dominance of the West Coming to an End? by Mark Urban – review
A wake-up call to the danger posed by the rise of Russia, India and China - plus new nuclear powers and the ‘technology arms race’This is a kind of wake-up call. As defence budgets in the west, including the US and UK, are being cut by governments confronted by austerity or war weariness – what Peter Wall, the former head of the army, has called “moral disarmament” – Vladimir Putin is modernising Russia’s ageing arsenal in a hugely expensive and ambitious programme, while China, India, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states (to the delight of British arms companies) are increasing the amount spent on weapons to record levels.Mark Urban is the BBC’s respected diplomatic and defence journalist and a military historian, and his book asks “Is the Military Dominance of the West Coming to an End?”. The answer is: “Yes, of course.” That is, in the way the west’s conventional weapons have in the past been vastly superior to those of Russia, I
US and EU criticise Chinese journalist's jailing for 'leaking state secrets'
Gao Yu vows to appeal against seven-year sentence for allegedly leaking Document No 9, which lays bare Communist party hostility to human rightsChina has jailed a veteran journalist for leaking an internal Communist party document which urged the aggressive targeting of subversive ideological trends including support for western democratic ideals, media independence, civil society and the “universal values” of human rights.Gao Yu, 71, has denied leaking state secrets abroad, and her lawyer said that she would appeal against her seven-year sentence. He said the prosecution lacked evidence and had based its case on her confession, which she said was made under pressure because her son was also in custody at the time. Continue reading...
China's feminist five: 'This is the worst crackdown on lawyers, activists and scholars in decades'
Five women’s rights activists were freed on bail this week after being arrested by Chinese authorities for ‘provoking trouble’. But is their release secure? One Chinese blogger explains how the internet is helping fellow activists across the country fight for their rightsThe five young Chinese feminists who were detained by the authorities on the eve of International Women’s Day are not yet safe. Though they were released on bail on 13 April, they remain under constant surveillance. One of the women’s lawyers, Liang Xiaojun, stressed that their release is not a victory – they are still suspects. All of this comes following a chilling March, during which fellow activists from all over the country have been summoned for questioning by the police.The women – Wei Tingting, Li Tingting (Li Maizi), Wu Rongrong, Wang Man and Zheng Churan (Datu) – were arrested on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” after planning a multi-city protest aimed at bringing an
Fake bats, non-people and soccer tips from Chairman Mao: Martin Parr's side-on history of Chinese photography
From the cult of Mao to Tiananmen Square and the man who sifted through half a million discarded negatives at a dump in Beijing, a new exhibition traces over a century of strange and sensational Chinese visualsSee The Chinese Photobook at the Photographers’ Gallery, London, until 5 JulyIn 1945, the political department of the Shanxi-Chah’er-Hebel military region published a book called Recent Photographs of the Great Leader of the Chinese People Chairman Mao. Printed on paper left behind by the Japanese, it is now extremely rare, not least because – as the authors of The Chinese Photobook (Aperture) explain – it may be the first photobook “dedicated to Mao’s portraits and personality cult” and, as such, the precursor to an industry devoted to the deification of the great leader.As The Chinese Photobook shows, the history of Chinese photography is inextricably entwined with the history of its people. Until relatively recently, photobooks served as either a pictorial essay

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