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Popularity of China - 人气的中国

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UK losing millions in VAT from non-EU sellers on Amazon and eBay
Both firms say they have no obligation to police VAT compliance by sellers as Brussels warns of huge rise in goods shipped with value under-declaredThe UK is expected to lose tens of millions of pounds in VAT avoidance and evasion this Christmas as a growing number of non-EU sellers, including hundreds from China, increasingly dominate sales of popular gifts on Amazon and eBay.“There has been a huge increase in this trade which is very difficult to control,” a senior Brussels source told the Guardian. “The system is so complicated it’s open to abuse.” Continue reading...
China's manufacturing sector contracts for third month in a row
Official PMI came in at 49.8 for October, while new export orders were also down for the 13th month in successionA week after China said its 7% growth target was not set in stone, there was more bad economic news, this time from the country’s manufacturing sector.The latest official purchasing managers’ index came in at 49.8 for October, the same level as September but lower than the expected level of 50. Anything below 50 indicates a contraction, and this is the third month in a row this has happened. Related: Chinese premier says 7% growth target is not set in stone Continue reading...
China’s brutal one-child policy shaped how millions lived, loved and died
Beijing has finally realised that its brutal approach was a recipe for long-term penury. But, as the author of a groundbreaking book on the subject details, the legacy has embedded itself in the very mindset of a generation Related: China ends one-child policy after 35 years Two years ago, I found myself massaging a complete stranger. He, in turn, rubbed my shoulders, amid the organisers’s cries to “give it a good pounding!”. He and I had been put in a group, made to chant “love slogans” and introduce ourselves in quick succession to a circle of people in avid search of marriage partners. Everything was deathly serious, and about as romantic as someone expectorating. It was a singles mixer organised by Jiayuan, one of China’s biggest matchmaking agencies, where I went to research modern dating habits. The Nasdaq-listed Jiayuan, unabashedly using the stock ticker symbol DATE, held enormously popular events, some attracting tens of thousands of participants.This transition to
The Observer view on Britain and China’s population challenges | Observer editorial
Whether it’s an ageing population or a low birth rate, both countries have vital issues to addressAt first glance, it might seem that the UK and China have the opposite problem when it comes to population. Latest projections suggest the British population could grow by almost 10 million over the next 25 years. Conversely, the Chinese government announced it will be dropping its controversial one-child policy, amid fears that if current trends continue, China could see its population decline substantially over the long term.But to see the UK and China as facing mirror-image dilemmas illustrates how misleading raw population numbers can be. Population structure is a more meaningful measure of a developing nation’s demographic health. In this respect, like many other developed countries, the UK and China face the same issue: an ageing population. Continue reading...

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