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China is panicking over a market bubble. What would it do in a real crisis?
The numbers are staggering, but Beijing’s measures to prop up tumbling shares look like a ridiculous over-reactionAs Greece holds a referendum that may create more uncertainties than it solves, are we looking in the wrong place for a financial crisis? In China, the authorities are in a fine sweat about a more traditional financial conundrum: a bubble in the stock market. How do you deflate it safely? Should you even try?As with many things in China, the numbers are staggering. The two main indices – the Shanghai Composite and the Shenzhen Composite – had risen about 150% in the 12 months to mid-June. In terms of market value, that was a gain of about $6.5tn. Since then, the market has tumbled almost 30% – call it a $2tn plunge.Beijing was sending a message that it is setting interest rates for the stock market rather than the economy Continue reading...
Japan joins US-Australia war games in NT and Queensland amid China dispute
For the first time, Japan is taking part in major US-Australia military exercises as tensions rise with China over islands in the South China Sea The US and Australia kicked off a massive joint biennial military exercise on Sunday, with Japan taking part for the first time as tensions with China over territorial rows loom over the drills.The two-week “Talisman Sabre” exercise in the Northern Territory and Queensland involves 30,000 personnel from the US and Australia practising operations at sea, in the air and on land. Continue reading...
China freezes new share offers in bid to shore up plunging stock markets
Beijing has also set up a market-stabilisation fund, according to reports, as fund managers pledge to invest $19bn in the local share marketChina has frozen share offers and set up a market-stabilisation fund, according to reports, as Beijing intensified efforts to pull stock markets out of a nose-dive that is threatening the world’s second-largest economy.The Wall Street Journal report that Beijing has suspended initial public offerings (IPOs) came a few hours after major brokers and fund managers collectively pledged to invest at least $19bn of their own money into stocks. Related: Margin calls fuel China's dramatic stock market collapse Continue reading...
Labor left vexed by boat turnbacks and China trade deal
A meeting of Labor’s left in Sydney fails to reach a stance on asylum seekers but backs more women candidates and a say on Senate preselection for membersLabor’s left faction is yet to settle its position on the politically controversial issue of turning back asylum-seeker boats, ahead of the party’s national conference at the end of the month.Guardian Australia understands a weekend meeting of the national left in Sydney has not finalised a position on the issue, amid a push from elements of the right faction either to endorse turnbacks explicitly or remain silent on the procedure. Related: Union calls for Labor to block free trade agreement with China Related: Joel Fitzgibbon: Labor should consider adopting asylum boat turnbacks policy Continue reading...

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