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Shanghai in slow lane as market crash accelerates slump in luxury car sales
Little interest in showrooms as deep discounts fail to drive in customersBusiness appears to be slow at the Mercedes-Benz showroom in the Jing’an district of Shanghai. There are no customers and the staff look bored. A family comes in to look at the cars but appears to have no intention of buying. A salesperson is tight-lipped when asked whether they are seeing fewer customers through the doors.Car sales in China are slowing after years of rapid growth, and have slumped in the last few weeks. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, numbers sold in June fell 5.3% from May; this drop coincided with the stock market crash that saw the Shanghai Composite Index lose 14% in July. The association previously estimated that sales would grow 7% this year; now it thinks that figure will only be 3%. Continue reading...
The Observer view on the future of the Olympics | Observer editorial
Beijing as choice for the 2022 Winter Olympics is another case of the erosion of the game’s original valuesOn Friday, Beijing was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the first host city to put on both the summer and the winter games. No matter that there will be no natural snow – the games will instead rely on machines churning out thousands of artificial tonnes. It’s hard to know what’s more farcical: this, or Fifa’s decision to award the 2022 World Cup to the desert state of Qatar, which promised to install air conditioning in open-air stadiums.That the IOC was faced with a decision between just two contender cities in countries that both have a poor track record on human rights – Beijing, and Kazakhstan’s Almaty – highlights a serious problem for the future of the Olympics. Originally, there had been many more potential cities in the mix: Krakow, Stockholm, St Moritz, Munich and Oslo. One by one, they all withdrew citing concerns about cost and a lack of popu
Barnaby Joyce says Trans Pacific Partnership agreement not dead yet
The agriculture minister has not given up on Australia signing the TPP and says the trade minister, Andrew Robb, is still ‘at the table’The agriculture minister, Barnaby Joyce, has not given up on Australia signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, potentially the world’s biggest regional trade agreement.Week-long negotiations over the TPP ended in Hawaii on Saturday without an agreement. Sticking points for Australia are sugar and dairy, but Joyce says the process is ongoing. Related: Australia walks away from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal talks Continue reading...
Chinese shares are falling, but the real fear is that the economy itself is slowing
Disastrous losses on the Shanghai exchange are leading to concern that the era of runaway Chinese growth is faltering at a critical time in the world economyRecent events in Shanghai’s stock markets have been all too reminiscent of the tales that have entered American folk memory from the days of the Wall Street crash in 1929: of stock-tipping shoeshine boys, exhausted traders, and ticker-tape machines spooling late into the night.In China, the Shanghai Composite Index lost more than 8% of its value last Monday, and shares have suffered their worst month for six years, falling by 29% since they peaked in June. Continue reading...

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