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Popularity of China - 人气的中国

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Chinese economy: exports fall by 2% and imports by 11% in April
Latest sign of weakness as export sector posts year-on-year declines for nine of last 10 months China’s exports slumped nearly 2% in April compared with the same month last year, as imports fell almost 11%, officials said on Sunday, the latest sign of weakness in the world’s second largest economy. Related: China's factories grow less than expected, raising recovery doubts Related: Fifty years on, one of Mao’s ‘little generals’ exposes horror of the Cultural Revolution Continue reading...
The Observer view on marine protection zones
Russia cannot be allowed to block this vital plan to protect the oceansThe science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke once observed that our planet has been given a singularly inappropriate name. We should not call it Earth, he observed. We should call it Ocean.It is a well made point. The one truly remarkable feature of our world is not its solid interior but the presence of a great layer of liquid water that stretches across much of its surface: our oceans. Thanks to them, Earth resembles a large, blue marble when viewed from space. By contrast, the solar system’s other planets consist of globes of rock or giant balls of gas. We live in a blue world of water that provided homes for the evolution of early livings beings and that continues to nurture us today. We owe our existence and our survival to our oceans and we should take care to protect them. They may cover 360 million square kilometres of Earth’s surface, but that represents only the thinnest of coats on our planet, one rough
Fifty years on, one of Mao’s ‘little generals’ exposes horror of the Cultural Revolution
In the face of silence from the Communist party, a former Red Guard has written a blog about the bloody summer of ’66Thousands of teenage hands rocketed skywards as the Great Helmsman stepped down from the rostrum in Tiananmen Square to greet the shock troops of his revolution. It was the summer of 1966 and Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – a catastrophic political convulsion that would catapult China into a decade of heartbreak, humiliation and deadly violence – was under way. Related: Thousands visit birthplace of Chairman Mao – in pictures We Red Guards all believed that we would die to protect Chairman Mao Continue reading...
Offshore finance: more than $12tn siphoned out of emerging countries
Analysis shows $1.3tn of assets from Russia sitting offshore, as David Cameron prepares to host anti-corruption summitMore than $12tn (£8tn) has been siphoned out of Russia, China and other emerging economies into the secretive world of offshore finance, new research has revealed, as David Cameron prepares to host world leaders for an anti-corruption summit.A detailed 18-month research project has uncovered a sharp increase in the capital flowing offshore from developing countries, in particular Russia and China. Related: David Cameron under pressure to end tax haven secrecy Continue reading...

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