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Popularity of China - 人气的中国

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Popularity of China - 人气的中国 is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
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China - I like

我喜欢中国 I like China
China - I don't like

China - I don't like

Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !? 按一下,如果你不喜欢这个国家。解释,为什么不!?

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'Black box signals' raise hope of finding MH370 in days Malaysian minister
Hishammuddin Hussein cautiously hopeful of positive developments in hunt for plane 'in next few days, if not hours'The hunt for the missing flight MH370 could see positive developments "in the next few days, if not hours", Malaysia's transport minister has said after an Australian vessel twice detected signals consistent with transmissions from the beacons on a black box. Continue reading...
Chuck Hagel to tour China's first aircraft carrier as Pacific tour continues
Defense secretary on tour of Pacific nations Visit a day after pointed speech in JapanDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to get a rare tour on Monday of China's first aircraft carrier, becoming the first foreign visitor to go aboard the ship.A senior defence official said Hagel requested the visit, which comes a day after he told reporters that China must better respect its neighbours a pointed allusion to Beijing's ongoing territorial dispute with Japan and others over remote islands in the East China Sea. He has also continued to urge Beijing to be more transparent about its expanding military. Continue reading...
Potential black box signals are 'most promising lead' in MH370 search - video
Search officials said on Monday that two new 'pings' detected by an Australian ship are the 'most promising lead' in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The signals picked up are consistent with transmissions from a black box flight recorder, however MH370's black box is expected to lose battery power soon Continue reading...
Hydroelectric dams are doing more harm than good to emerging economies
Cost overruns, debt, inflation and harmful consequences make large dams very risky projects, says Oxford University reportLarge dams in developing countries are not economically viable. Instead of obtaining hoped-for riches, developing countries risk drowning their fragile economies in debt owing to the ill-advised construction of large dams.New research undertaken at Oxford University, investigating 245 large dams built since 1934, reveals the dismal track record of such megaprojects. With an average cost overrun of over 90%, large dams have one of the highest cost overruns among all infrastructure asset classes. This result is before accounting for negative impacts on human society and environment, and without including the effects of inflation and debt servicing. Continue reading...

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