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Popularity of China - 人气的中国

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Popularity of China - 人气的中国 is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
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China - I like

我喜欢中国 I like China
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China - I don't like

Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !? 按一下,如果你不喜欢这个国家。解释,为什么不!?

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Asos will use £2m from China exit to bolster UK, US and Europe
Online fashion retailer to enhance operations in key markets after reporting 25% rise in UK sales over six-month periodAsos is to spend £2m of the cash saved by closing its Chinese business on boosting operations in the UK, US and Europe.Shares in the online fashion retailer rose more than 7% to £36.47 on Tuesday after it said UK sales increased 25% in the six months to 29 February and it was on track to achieve expected full-year sales and profits. Related: Exit from Chinese online store costs Asos £10m Continue reading...
China helps boost global movie earnings to record $38bn
Box-office takings rose 51% in the world’s most populous nation, helped by locally made films and Hollywood blockbustersCinemas reaped record earnings around the world last year – $38.3bn – fuelled by rocketing attendance in China and young people’s continued enthusiasm for a night at the movies, industry data has showed.   Related: Why, in 2016, are women still (mostly) silent film stars? Continue reading...
China tech companies pledge to tackle content that promotes terrorism
The companies promise to ‘handle in a timely way terror-related harmful, illegal information, create a clear internet space and maintain social stability’Twenty-five Chinese technology companies have signed a pledge to counter images and information online that promote terrorism, the internet regulator said on Tuesday, months after China passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law. The Cyberspace Administration of China said the companies had promised to “handle in a timely way terror-related harmful, illegal information, create a clear internet space and maintain social stability”. Continue reading...
The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie review – heartfelt paean to people power in China
Arcola, London This compelling portrait of how the Maoist revolution gripped one particular village is a big, ambitious and thought-provoking playThere is a growing body of plays about China, from Chimerica to Wild Swans. Anders Lustgarten’s is, however, the first since David Hare’s Fanshen (1975) to offer a detailed portrait of the impact of Maoist revolution on one particular village. Although it is less effective when it moves to the present day, it is clearly written from first-hand knowledge of China and shows a faith in the power of the people to survive the worst excesses of communism or capitalism. In the compelling first half, Lustgarten shows the upheavals faced by the fictional Rotten Peach village from 1949 to 1960 as feudalism is replaced by collectivism. Continue reading...

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