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Hillary Clinton's Hard Choices faces effective ban in China
Publisher says Chinese firms have turned down translation rights and major importer refuses to distribute English copiesHillary Clinton's bestselling memoir Hard Choices has in effect been banned in China less than a month after its release, the publisher Simon & Schuster has said.The book, in which Clinton retraces her four-year tenure as US secretary of state, contains a number of scenes which paint China's leadership as rigid and oppressive. "It's not a secret that the centre of the anti-democratic movement in Asia is China," she writes. Continue reading...
Champion of Chinese farmers' rights jailed for forging official documents
Villagers pack the court to applaud woman given two years in prison for trying to prevent land grabs and illegal demolitionShe had everything you might want in an official: brains, diligence and an air of authority. She wielded the seals of office with both confidence and compassion. Unfortunately, Zhang Haixin lacked the government job to match these attributes.On Friday a court in the province of Henan, in central China, jailed the 46-year-old farmer for two years for fabricating seals and forging official documents. Her friends Ma Xianglan and Wang Liangshuang were sentenced to 10 and eight months respectively. Continue reading...
75-year-old tourist rescued after being trapped in narrow cliff gap in China - video
Emergency services hack away at the walls of a cliff gap in eastern China after a 75-year-old tourist fell into the crevice. The man fell into a gap around 30 metres long and just 20-50cm wide. Luckily the tourist's cries for help were heard by passers-by and he was rescued within two hours Continue reading...
Johnny Depp to judge Chinese reality TV  and take winner to Hollywood
Depp is guesting on Chinese Dream, where ordinary people get the chance to live out their wildest aspirations in this case hanging out with Depp in HollywoodDespite being one of Hollywood's definitive A-list stars, Johnny Depp often comes back to mingle amongst the plebs  whether it's guesting on the Fast Show, visiting schoolkids dressed as Jack Sparrow, or heading to China to adjudicate a reality TV show.Depp is currently gearing up for the finale of Chinese Dream, a show in which ordinary people show off talents and complete tasks to get a chance at winning extraordinary prizes. In this year's contest, Depp will appear in the final to pick the winner, who will then fly with him for a trip to Hollywood. He told Chinese media that he was seduced by the show's concept, having dreamed of being a rock star when he was younger, initially using acting just to pay the rent. Continue reading...

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