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Popularity of China - 人气的中国

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'ExxonMobil has its head in the sand and shareholders should be worried'
Yale sustainability expert Todd Cort says the oil company’s failure to adapt to changing growth models has landed it between a rock and a hard placeA few days before the New York Times reported that a federal auction in the Gulf of Mexico in August drew the lowest interest since 1986 – “the clearest sign yet that the fortunes of oil companies are skidding” – I found myself reading the 2014 ExxonMobil Citizenship Report. The report cites an energy future that’s heavily dependent on oil and gas during the difficult transition to more sustainable energy sources. ExxonMobil then drafts a socially imperative role for itself:We believe all economic energy sources will be necessary to meet growing demand, and the transition of the energy system to lower carbon sources will take many decades due to its enormous scale, capital intensity and complexity. As such, we believe that none of our proven hydrocarbon reserves are, or will become, stranded. Related: Exxon knew of climate chang
The Guardian view on China’s display of military muscle: to what end? | Editorial
President Xi Jinping’s announcement about troop reductions is welcome. But the huge show of military force in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the war with Japan was an intimidating reminder for the west of China’s powerOn 15 August 1945, the day after Emperor Hirohito told the Japanese that the time had come to “endure the unendurable” and accept that Japan had lost the war, a weary but elated Chiang Kai-shek also spoke to his people on the radio. “Our faith in justice through black and hopeless days and eight long years of struggle has today been rewarded,” he told them, looking back on a struggle in which at least 14 million Chinese died, 80 million became refugees, and most of the country’s industry, roads, railways and other infrastructure was destroyed.Even though it was the atomic bomb that precipitated the Japanese surrender and the American advance across the Pacific which had destroyed Japanese sea-power, it was the Chinese who had kept the bul
Warning over Pacific bluefin tuna stocks as Japan meeting ends in stalemate
Meeting ends with no move to save endangered fish as campaigners warn bluefin tuna stocks will continue to plunge unless urgent action is taken Campaigners have warned that global stocks of bluefin tuna will continue their dramatic decline after Japan– by far the fish’s biggest consumer – and other countries failed to agree on new conservation measures.A four-day meeting in Sapporo, northern Japan, of countries that monitor stocks in most of the Pacific Ocean, made no progress towards helping fish populations recover from decades of overfishing, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. Related: Bluefin: Japan’s favourite big fish, but for how long? Continue reading...
Paul Krugman: Australia can weather a Chinese economic downturn
In an interview with Guardian Australia, the Nobel prize-winning economist expresses scepticism about the China free trade agreement and a GST increase Australia is resilient enough to weather the weakening of the Chinese economy, the Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has said, but he poured cold water on the benefits of the free trade agreement between the two countries. Related: Confused about the China free trade deal? Here's what you need to know Related: The austerity delusion | Paul Krugman Related: How Australia weathered the global financial crisis while Europe failed | David Alexander Continue reading...

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