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China complains to Pyongyang after N Korean soldier kills villagers
North Korean army deserter reported to have killed four villagers after crossing border into Jilin provinceBeijing has lodged a formal complaint with Pyongyang after a North Korean army deserter sneaked across the border and killed four Chinese villagers with a handgun.While relations between isolated North Korea and China, its only significant ally, have grown strained in recent years, violent conflict along their 1,420km-long shared border is rare. Continue reading...
Australians opposed to taking sides in any conflict between China and Japan
Australia-China Relations Institute poll finds 71% think Australia should remain neutral in the event of an armed conflict, even if the US backed JapanAustralians are strongly opposed to any involvement in an armed conflict between China and Japan even if the US was backing Japan and the US president personally requested Australian support, a new poll has found.The poll, commissioned by the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI), found 71% thought Australia should remain neutral in any armed conflict over disputed islands and maritime territory in the East China Sea, and 68% thought Australia should still say no if the president rang the prime minister asking for assistance. Continue reading...
China scraps quotas on rare earths after WTO complaint
US and other trading partners said export limits on minerals used in hybrid cars, weapons and mobile phones were unfairChina has scrapped its export quotas for rare earths, minerals used in mobile phones and other high-tech products, after losing a World Trade Organisation case brought by Washington and other trading partners over controls that alarmed global technology producers.The change was included in the Ministry of Commerce’s trade guidelines for 2015 but there was no separate announcement. Under the new guidelines, rare earths will require an export licence but the amount that can be sold abroad will no longer be covered by a quota. Continue reading...
Who’s the true enemy of internet freedom - China, Russia, or the US?
Beijing and Moscow are rightly chastised for restricting their citizens’ online access – but it’s the US that is now even more aggressive in asserting its digital sovereigntyRecent reports that China has imposed further restrictions on Gmail, Google’s flagship email service, should not really come as much of a surprise. While Chinese users have been unable to access Gmail’s site for several years now, they were still able to use much of its functionality, thanks to third-party services such as Outlook or Apple Mail.This loophole has now been closed (albeit temporarily – some of the new restrictions seem to have been mysteriously lifted already), which means determined Chinese users have had to turn to more advanced circumvention tools. Those unable or unwilling to perform any such acrobatics can simply switch to a service run by a domestic Chinese company – which is precisely what the Chinese government wants them to do. Continue reading...

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