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Ma Jun: China has reached its environmental tipping point
By giving the public access to real-time data on polluters, China is empowering citizens to tackle unsustainable growth, says country’s most well-known environmentalistIt was almost 20 years ago that Ma Jun sat and watched the rainbow-coloured River Fen, in Shanxi province. As he turned to the skies in this coal and industrial heartland of north China he could see dozens of chimneys bellowing out their fumes.He had been sent to the province on an assignment while working as a researcher for a foreign journalist in the late 1990s. The story then was about family planning and its impact on local communities, but it was the devastating pollution he witnessed that filled up his notepad. Related: The human cost of China's untold soil pollution problem Related: Phenomenal success for new film that criticises China's environmental policy Continue reading...
Plan to build treetop bridges to save critically-endangered Hainan gibbons
Artificial canopy bridges in China’s rainforest will provide vital habitat needed to stop the first ape species from becoming extinctConservationists will begin constructing a series of treetop bridges later this year in a bid to save a critically-endangered species of gibbon.Just 25 Hainan gibbons, Nomascus hainanus, are left in a small patch of rainforest on Hainan island in south China, where they live in three family groups and sing together at dawn. Their numbers and range dwindled so much last century due to human development that there are fears they could be the first ape species to go extinct because of people. Related: Hainan gibbon ‘clinging on’ with 25 left in China Continue reading...
Breaking Bad in China: chemistry professor 'in meth gang'
Police say man worked as an academic before teaming up with a drug manufacturer to produce methcathinone, a drug similar to methamphetamineA former chemistry professor has been identified by Chinese police as part of a gang which cooked up synthetic drugs for sale nationwide, media reported Tuesday.The 50-year-old former academic surnamed Lu had “a set of recipes for producing methcathinone”, a drug similar to methamphetamine, which he provided to dealers, China Business News (CBN) reported. Continue reading...
Rio Tinto and Mongolia sign multibillion dollar deal on mine expansion
A $5.4bn expansion of the Oyu Tolgoi project is set to go ahead ending a two-year dispute as Mongolia looks to boost its flagging economyMining giant Rio Tinto and Mongolia agreed a multibillion-dollar expansion of a vast copper and gold mine, officials said on Tuesday, ending a two-year dispute as Ulan Bator seeks to restore its foreign investor appeal.The deal on the underground second phase of the Oyu Tolgoi project, estimated to cost $5.4bn, comes as Mongolia looks to boost its flagging economic growth after foreign direct investment plummeted by three quarters last year. Continue reading...

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