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Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !? 按一下,如果你不喜欢这个国家。解释,为什么不!?

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中文简介: 中華人民共和國,簡稱中國或新中國,成立於1949年10月1日。是位於亞洲東部、太平洋西岸的人民共和國,首都北京。中華人民共和國的領土面積約960萬平方公里,居世界第三或第四,與周邊14個國家接壤。人口達到14億,約佔全球人口的五分之一,是世界上人口最多的國家。中華人民共和國是單一制的多民族國家。全國劃分為23個省(其中台灣省並沒有實際管轄)、5個自治區、4個直轄市和2個根據一國兩制政策設立的特別行政區(並不直接管轄),均直屬於中央人民政府。中華人民共和國跨越五個地理時區,但全國均使用北京時間(UTC+8,東八區)作為標準時 ...
for33against   我喜欢中国。没有犹豫的原因。例如,因为它... (如果我想写为什么,我写在这里), positive
for1against   Sonst sind es für die Deutsche Industrie Kommunisten!Wenn dabei Profit raus springt ist das dann nicht mehr so schlimm!, SEPP
for1against   Copy Shop China!, SEPP
for1against   Die Kopier Nation!Wer als Firma dorthin geht ist selber schuld!, SEPP
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Online courses gain popularity at Chinese universities

The trend of learning through open online courses has made its way to China as more of the country's top universities unveil public courses, and the first cross-university open class for college students in Shanghai kicked off on Tuesday night. The city's university course-sharing platform formally began registering students from 30 schools in the municipality, and the course "Introduction to Philosophy," offered by Professor Wang Defeng with Fudan University (FDU), became the first-ever cross-university public course, welcoming 1,072 students Tuesday. Wang's first lecture was broadcast ...

China influence to grows fast

Financier George Soros said on Sunday that China's global influence is set to grow faster than most people expect, with its isolation from the global financial system and a heavy state role in banking aiding a relatively swift economic recovery.He reiterated his cautious views regarding the surge in global stock markets, although he said it may have further to go given liquidity in the markets and that many investors are still sitting on the sidelines."In many ways, Chinese banking has benefited from being isolated from the rest of the world and is in better shape than the international ...

China decries U.S. criticism of its rights record

China denounced on Thursday U.S. criticism of its human rights record in an annual tit-for-tat exchange, saying the United States should put its own house in order first.The U.S. State Department sharply criticized China on Wednesday, saying detention and harassment of dissidents, petitioners, human rights defenders and defense lawyers peaked around high-profile events such as the Beijing Olympic Games in August.China's Foreign Ministry said China maintained a high level of "protection and respect" for human rights."Over the 30 years of development and reform we have seen a constant ...

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World in a week: Uganda's courts overturn 'backward' anti-gay law
28 July - 1 August: Catch up with all the development-related news you may have missed this weekPedro Alonso, who has been appointed director of the WHO Global Malaria Program.Health workers are prone to the disease because we are the first port of call for those with [Ebola]. Even with the full kit we put on were at risk. Im afraid for my life, because I cherish my life. And if you are afraid then you must take the maximum precautions, stay vigilant and stay on your guard. Continue reading...
Zhang Tiesheng: from leftist hero to China's latest multimillionaire
Few stories encapsulate China's rush from Mao to the market as well as Zhang's rise from jailed leftist to wealthy businessmanEven after three decades of rapid economic growth and capitalist frenzy, few stories encapsulate China's rush from Mao to the market as well as that of Zhang Tiesheng.The leftwing hero of the Cultural Revolution who protested as a student against "capitalist" exams has become a multimillionaire, Chinese media reported, after the company he co-founded went public. Continue reading...
Live Q&A: can civil society thrive in China?
Despite restrictions loosening, Chinese civil society has limited freedoms and funding streams. Join our discussion on 7 AugustA third of China's wealth is held by 1% of the population, research from Peking University Institute of Social Science revealed this week. When inequality grows in a nominally communist society, who watches out for the poorest? Millions have risen out of a hand-to-mouth existence over the last 30 years, but 12% still live in extreme poverty, according to the World Bank. And although China became the world's second largest economy in 2010 (and will soon overtake the US as the first), it ranks 83rd on per capita income, behind Botswana, Romania and Venezuela.As the economy grows, the state which was originally set up to provide cradle-to-grave care has become more tolerant of civil society and NGOs. The Economist reported in April 2014 that 500,000 NGOs have registered in China over the last 25 years, and there has been a loosening of restrictions on official reg
Thailand's ruling junta approves China rail links worth $23bn
Transport project further consolidates China's power in the region and will be finished by by 2021Thailand's ruling junta has approved a $23 billion (£13.6bn) transport project that will see two high-speed railways link up directly with China by 2021, in a move seen as a further consolidation of Chinese power in the region.The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), headed by Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha - who took control of Thailand in a bloodless military coup in May - unveiled plans this week connecting the northern border town of Nong Khai with Map Ta Phut, located south-east of Bangkok. Chaing Khong, just south of the Laos capital Vientiane, will also be connected to Ban Phachi, in the central Ayutthaya regions. Continue reading...

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