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我喜欢中国 I like China
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Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !? 按一下,如果你不喜欢这个国家。解释,为什么不!?

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中文简介: 中華人民共和國,簡稱中國或新中國,成立於1949年10月1日。是位於亞洲東部、太平洋西岸的人民共和國,首都北京。中華人民共和國的領土面積約960萬平方公里,居世界第三或第四,與周邊14個國家接壤。人口達到14億,約佔全球人口的五分之一,是世界上人口最多的國家。中華人民共和國是單一制的多民族國家。全國劃分為23個省(其中台灣省並沒有實際管轄)、5個自治區、4個直轄市和2個根據一國兩制政策設立的特別行政區(並不直接管轄),均直屬於中央人民政府。中華人民共和國跨越五個地理時區,但全國均使用北京時間(UTC+8,東八區)作為標準時 ...
for33against   我喜欢中国。没有犹豫的原因。例如,因为它... (如果我想写为什么,我写在这里), positive
for1against   Sonst sind es für die Deutsche Industrie Kommunisten!Wenn dabei Profit raus springt ist das dann nicht mehr so schlimm!, SEPP
for1against   Copy Shop China!, SEPP
for1against   Die Kopier Nation!Wer als Firma dorthin geht ist selber schuld!, SEPP
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Online courses gain popularity at Chinese universities

The trend of learning through open online courses has made its way to China as more of the country's top universities unveil public courses, and the first cross-university open class for college students in Shanghai kicked off on Tuesday night. The city's university course-sharing platform formally began registering students from 30 schools in the municipality, and the course "Introduction to Philosophy," offered by Professor Wang Defeng with Fudan University (FDU), became the first-ever cross-university public course, welcoming 1,072 students Tuesday. Wang's first lecture was broadcast ...

China influence to grows fast

Financier George Soros said on Sunday that China's global influence is set to grow faster than most people expect, with its isolation from the global financial system and a heavy state role in banking aiding a relatively swift economic recovery.He reiterated his cautious views regarding the surge in global stock markets, although he said it may have further to go given liquidity in the markets and that many investors are still sitting on the sidelines."In many ways, Chinese banking has benefited from being isolated from the rest of the world and is in better shape than the international ...

China decries U.S. criticism of its rights record

China denounced on Thursday U.S. criticism of its human rights record in an annual tit-for-tat exchange, saying the United States should put its own house in order first.The U.S. State Department sharply criticized China on Wednesday, saying detention and harassment of dissidents, petitioners, human rights defenders and defense lawyers peaked around high-profile events such as the Beijing Olympic Games in August.China's Foreign Ministry said China maintained a high level of "protection and respect" for human rights."Over the 30 years of development and reform we have seen a constant ...

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China crisis: west riven by age-old question - to appease or oppose?
US irritation over Britain’s participation in Chinese-led bank has exposed deep international divisions over how to deal with ChinaYou might call it one of the irregular verbs in international diplomacy: we engage, you accommodate, they appease.US irritation over Britain’s decision to sign up to a new Chinese development bank has laid bare the deep international divisions over how to deal with the world’s newest superpower. Continue reading...
High-end Laos resort serves up illegal wildlife for Chinese tourists | Jeremy Hance
Shocking undercover investigation finds restaurants offering live bear cubs ‘to eat on request’ washed down with tiger bone wine in the ‘lawless playground’ of Laos’ Golden Triangle Special Economic ZoneAmerican social psychologist, Paul Piff, has built a career on studying how wealth and privilege affects moral behaviour. Through a wide variety of methods – including rigged Monopoly games and monitoring luxury car drivers – Piff has produced an intriguing, though controversial, collection of evidence that wealth and status makes a person more likely to act badly. Related: Tiger meat and bear paws on menu for Chinese tourists in Laos, says report At another restaurant, Fantasy Garrett, one can order something dubbed “sauté tiger meat.”In the case of the tigers, this captive population represents a larger population than all of Laos’ wild tigersSigns are in Mandarin, yuan is the main currency, and most workers are Chinese. The place even runs on Beijing time.
In a frustrated world, the omens for global stability are bleak | Natalie Nougayrède
From Russia and the US to Europe and Asia, the challenge for international diplomacy is to persuade leaders to step back from inflamed rhetoric and adapt to realityFollow the news cycle and you get the sense that the world has become Darwinian, an environment where only the fittest, the best able to adapt, will survive or see their interests prevail. Globalisation and digitalisation are not just transforming societies and economies but international relations. As the rules of the post-1945 global order become more fragile, our epoch has come to resemble a vast free-for-all. Power is being redefined, but what drives so much of the tension? Here’s one thought: frustration.Frustration happens when reality fails to match expectations. Frustration in turn fosters apathy and disillusionment, or, depending on the circumstances, aggression. Coming to terms with realities and adapting goals to them will be a key challenge for a stable international order in the 21st century. The omens aren’
Yahoo to close Beijing office and leave China in new cost-cutting move
Tech company announces closure of its research and development office in China, with losses of up to 300 jobsYahoo has announced the closure of its last office in China in a new cost-cutting move.The closure of its research and development office in Beijing will eliminate 200 to 300 jobs, Bloomberg reported. Continue reading...

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