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Turkey bolsters security on Syria, Iraq borders ‎

ANKARA — Turkish sources said the military has sent reinforcements along key points of the nation's 600-kilometer border with Syria.They said the reinforcements were sent after fighters and operatives of the Kurdish Workers Party were believed to have infiltrated Turkey from Syria. Turkey has also reinforced troops along the border with Iraq, which harbors an estimated 3,000 PKK fighters in the Kandil mountains. The sources said troops, helicopters and armored vehicles have arrived in the border provinces of Hakari and Sirnak. ... April 4, 2011 Read full article: ...

Israel and Turkey: Time to Reconcile ‎

It is time for Erdogan to reassess Turkey's position and for Netanyahu to act on his own advice. Privately and quietly, in discussions among officials and analysts in both Israel and Turkey, recognition of the need to resume a positive working relationship is emerging. As the governments in Jerusalem and Ankara independently evaluate the turmoil that has engulfed the Middle East, they are finding only two countries that have a combination of functioning --albeit imperfect -- democracies, stable governance, substantial security apparatuses and thriving economies. Unfortunately, that is not ...

Turkey brings aid and influence to Libya ‎

The Turkish ferry sent to rescue hundreds of wounded Libyans from the fighting has left Benghazi to sail for home. On board are 250 evacuees awaiting medical treatment in Turkey. Some have been recounting the horrors they left behind, as for 40 days Gaddafi’s forces assaulted the besieged city of Misrata. “We were bombarded every day by Gaddafi’s tanks and missiles. In Misrata people can’t even leave their houses,” said one wounded rebel. They have bullet and shrapnel wounds – and tales of everyday hardship in the town cut off from the world. “In the ...

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