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Perú - Me gusta

Me gusta el Perú. Diga por qué! / I like this country - Peru. Say why!
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Perú - No me gusta

Haga clic en, si no está satisfecho con la situación política en el Perú. Diga por qué! / Dissatisfied with the political situation in Peru.

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ESP: El Perú (en quechua y en aimara: Piruw) —oficialmente, la República del Perú— es un país situado en el extremo occidental de América del Sur. Limita al norte con Ecuador y Colombia, al este con Brasil, al sureste con Bolivia, al sur con Chile y al oeste con el Oceano Pacífico. Su territorio se compone de paisajes diversos; los valles, altiplanos y altas cumbres de la cordillera de los Andes separan la costa desértica al oeste y la Amazonia al este. El Perú es uno de los países de mayor diversidad biológica en el mundo y de mayores recursos minerales. El Antiguo Perú fue la cuna de la civilización andina. Hacia el 3.200 a. C. surgió aquella de Caral-Supe, pero es tras Chavín ...
for33against   Me gusta el Perú. No hay razón para dudar. Por ejemplo, porque... (si es que quería escribir por qué, lo he escrito aquí), positive
for33against   No me gusta el Perú. Yo no apoyo a este país. Por ejemplo, porque... (si es que quería escribir por qué, lo he escrito aquí), negative
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Peru's Chan Chan ruins remain at risk ‎

Chan Chan, the famous Chimu archeological site near Trujillo, will remain on the UNESCO “World Heritage in Danger” list, according to a report from Andina. Enrique Sánchez Maura, Cultural Director for the region of La Libertad, said that the site is in danger due to its fragile adobe construction, and that regardless of what preservation efforts are enacted, it will remain permanently at-risk. “We can’t expect this situation to change overnight. Chan Chan is totally vulnerable; there are more than fourteen kilometers (8.7 miles) that we must protect from ...

Silver Mining in Peru: Looking Forward Through Crisis‎

Protests against the Canadian-owned Bear Creek Mining Corporation’s (CVE:BCM) Santa Ana Silver project resulted in five people being killed by police gunfire last Friday at the Juliaca International Airport, located 160km away from the site, and contributed to a severe drop in the company’s share price. This one dramatic event is a culmination of months – or possibly years – of political unrest in the country, and represents a very uncertain future for foreign investment in the natural resource sector. “It’s not a very good precedent that’s being set ...

US keen to maintain good ties with Peru

The United States government is interested in establishing good relations with the new government of Peruvian President-elect Ollanta Humala, who has embarked on a two-day visit to Washington. Coletta Youngers, a senior associate with the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), stressed the importance of the visit as a means of strengthening bilateral ties. She recalled that, since Humala won the June 5 presidential runoff vote, the Obama administration has shown willingness to maintain a good relationship and work with the new government. Youngers told Andina that the United States is ...

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