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Popularidad de la República Dominicana

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Popularidad de la República Dominicana is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo República Dominicana - Me gusta

República Dominicana - Me gusta

Me gusta la República Dominicana. Diga por qué! / I like thic country - Dominican Republic. Say why!
República Dominicana - No me gusta

República Dominicana - No me gusta

Haga clic en, si no te gusta la República Dominicana. Explique por qué no! / Click, if you do not like this country - Dominican Republic. Explain why not!

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Detienen 12 criollos se iban ilegalmente a Puerto Rico con droga
La Armada de República Dominicana, en conjunto con la Guardia Costera de EEUU, detuvo en alta mar a 12 dominicanos que intentaban viajar de manera ilegal hacia Puerto Rico.  De acuerdo al informe de la Armada, los ilegales llevaban consigo dos paquetes de un vegetal que presumen es marihuana. Las 12 personas, que iban en una embarcación de fabricación clandestina, fueron interceptadas a unas 21 millas náuticas al norte de Punta Los Charamicos, Nisibón, Nagua. “Los apresados y la sustancia incautada fueron entregados a la Dirección Nacional de Control de Drogas (DNCD), para los fines correspondientes”, explicó la entidad a través de una nota de prensa.
IAEA Fukushima report downplays radiation risks and ignores science - Greenpeace
Tokyo, 1 September
Fossil of ancient monkey found in Dominican Republic: Report
An international team of scientists have dated a species of fossil monkey found across the Caribbean to just over 1 million years old, eurekalert.org reports.The discovery was made after the researchers recovered a fossil tibia (shin bone) belonging to the species of extinct monkey Antillothrix bernensis from an underwater cave in Altagracia Province, Dominican Republic. The fossil was embedded in a limestone rock that was dated using the Uranium-series technique.In a paper published this week in the well renowned international journal, the Journal of Human Evolution, the team use three-dimensional geometric morphometrics to confirm that the fossil tibia does indeed belong to Antillothrix bernensis, a primate that we now know existed on Hispaniola relatively unchanged for over a million years. This monkey, roughly the size of a small cat, was tree-dwelling and lived largely on a diet of fruit and leaves.Dr Helen Green of Melbourne University's School of Earth Sciences, a lead resear...
Scotiabank launches ´Assemble the fee you can pay´ lending fair
SD. Scotiabank recently

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