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Political situation in the US- satisfied

Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in the United States of America. Say, why! ...
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Political situation in the US- dissatisfied

Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in the United States of America. Say, why! ...

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News in Brief: Study: Majority Of New Marine Life Species Now Discovered While Cleaning Oil Spills
WOODS HOLE, MA—Saying such periodic events have vastly expanded the scientific community’s understanding of oceanic biodiversity, a study released this week by the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory determined that a significant majority of new marine species are now discovered while cleaning oil spills. “After surveying thousands of scientific papers, our team determined that 68 percent of all aquatic birds, fish, marine reptiles, mollusks, and corals discovered over the past 50 years were first identified and cataloged after volunteers painstakingly cleaned the thick, heavy coating of crude oil from them using a toothbrush and noticed their markings and morphology were unlike anything on record,” said researcher Sandra Schultz, who confirmed that over 5,000 species previously unknown to science have been identified in the Gulf of Mexico alone since 2010. “In fact, the average trash bag that a cleanup worker uses to collect the sludge-coated remains of animals ...

News: Pentagon Holds Gala To Celebrate 25 Years Of Bombing Iraq
WASHINGTON—Bringing together the many civilian leaders and military strategists who helped them reach such a historic milestone, Pentagon officials held a lavish black-tie gala Sunday at which, sources said, they commemorated 25 years of the United States bombing Iraq.Hundreds of active-duty and retired military officers, high-ranking members of the past four presidential administrations, and executives from top defense contractors reportedly gathered in the grand ballroom of D.C.’s Fairmont Hotel to dine, mingle, and celebrate a quarter century spent routinely dropping thousands of tons of explosive ordnance across the Middle Eastern nation—from the Jan. 17, 1991 onset of airstrikes in the Gulf War to the current bombardment of suspected ISIS targets.“I’ll never forget that morning 25 years ago when our first strike force of stealth bombers flew in and just unloaded on Baghdad,” said the evening’s keynote speaker, Dick Cheney, who served as ...

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-November 2015 Jobs Release
Here are six charts on the economy six years after the Great Recession.

Gov. Snyder: I will fix this, and I mean it
We have tackled impossible tasks and will again.         

Streamline gun background checks? #tellusatoday
We asked followers how they would improve the system of background checks for gun purchases.         

Women and Families’ Economic Security in Iowa
Women have been central to Iowa’s economic growth, and more must be done to support women’s labor force participation.

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-December 2015 Jobs Release
A nonshallow dive into the labor market indicators pool shows a healthy economy with plenty of room to grow.

The Trump-Palin 2016 reality show: Column
The emphasis is on performance, not policy.         

Wisconsin, Unions, and the Middle Class
Wisconsin’s middle class is falling behind. Unions can help by raising wages and reducing the pay gap.

Article: Andy Reid Furious At Self For Poor Clock Management At End Of 72-Oz. Steak Challenge
KANSAS CITY, MO—Lamenting his total lack of urgency while chewing, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid expressed frustration with himself Thursday over his poor clock management in the final moments of Union Grill’s 72-ounce “Belt Buster” steak challenge. “I just lost track of the clock, and the next thing I knew, there was only one minute left and still 15 ounces of steak to go,” said Reid, bemoaning the fact that he leisurely dipped every piece of the 4.5-pound sirloin in A.1. Sauce while precious seconds continued running off the clock. “Once I realized how little time was left, I tried to hurry up and managed to get most of it down, but I had trouble lining up the next chunk. I always say how important it is to eat with all your heart for the full 60 minutes, and don’t look ahead to ...

How officials failed Flint: Our view
The city's water rusted car parts. But people kept drinking it.         

American Voices: Possible Ninth Planet Found In Solar System
Astronomers at Caltech have discovered compelling evidence that a massive ninth planet exists far past Neptune, with an orbit around the sun that takes over 10,000 years to complete. What do you think?

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