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Political situation in the US- satisfied

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Political situation in the US- dissatisfied

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Weekly Address: Happy Holidays from the President and First Lady
WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President and First Lady wished Americans a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and thanked our brave troops for their service. Especially as our combat mission in Afghanistan comes to a responsible end in the coming days, we are reminded of all that military men, women, and families sacrifice to keep us safe. The President and First Lady asked everyone to take some time this holiday season to visit JoiningForces.gov and find out how to give back to the men and women in uniform who have given so much for all of us.  The audio of the address and video of the address will be available online at www.whitehouse.gov at 6:00 a.m. ET, December 25, 2014. Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address The White House December 25, 2014 THE PRESIDENT: Merry Christmas everybody!  Now, we’re not going to take much of your time because today is about family and being together with the ones you love.  And luckily for m

Men Whose Beautiful Wives Died On Christmas 10 Years Ago Announce Plans To Drink Whiskey Alone In Dark Apartment
WASHINGTON—Stating their intent to spend most of the holiday lost in grief-stricken reverie, men across the nation whose beautiful wives died on Christmas 10 years ago announced plans Wednesday to drink whiskey alone in a dark apartment.

Statement by the President on the Stormont House Agreement in Northern Ireland
I and Vice President Biden welcome the news from Belfast this morning that the political parties of Northern Ireland, together with the governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, have reached a broad agreement that paves the way for the continuation of Northern Ireland’s governing institutions.  Just as importantly, the agreement also enables further progress on dealing with the issues of the past.  I congratulate all the leaders involved who, once again, have shown that when there is a will and the courage to overcome the issues that have divided the people of Northern Ireland, there is a way to succeed for the benefit of all.  I look forward to the final ratification of this agreement by all the relevant parties, and to the continued advancement of a peace process that is leading to a better future for the people of Northern Ireland.  I also want to thank Gary Hart for his hard work in support of this agreement.

Public Transportation and the Path Dependency of Highway Investments
To fully realize the potential of Metro’s Silver Line, policymakers must break with past development practices, focus public resources, and use the regulatory power of the state to guide sustainable development.
We're teaching our kids to be soft: Other views
What others are saying of wussy nation.         

Seasonal Depression Kicks In Just In Time To Numb Woman Before Holiday With Family
PORTLAND, ME—Appreciating the onset of listlessness and despondency, local woman Wendy Fletcher confirmed Tuesday that seasonal depression kicked in just in time to render her emotionally numb before spending Christmas with her family.

Wussy nation: Our view
From Ebola, to university controversies, to North Korea, why are so many so scared?         

As Income Inequality Rises, America’s Middle Class Shrinks
Increasing income inequality has decreased the share of the population earning a middle-class income.
Statement by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz on D.C. District Court Ruling Dismissing Immigration Lawsuit
Judge Howell’s decision today confirms what the Department of Justice and scholars throughout the country have been saying all along: the President’s executive actions on immigration are lawful.  The Supreme Court and Congress have made clear that federal officials can set priorities in enforcing our immigration laws, and the actions announced by the President are consistent with those taken by administrations of both parties for the last half century.  The court correctly dismissed Sheriff Arpaio’s lawsuit.

Disaster relief fiascoes: Column
On Indonesia tsunami anniversary, 'build back better' slogan hides many problems         

Charters don't need to cheat for high scores: Column
Schools don't push out the "bad kids." In fact, charters have improved their discipline methods.         

Inequality, Opportunity, and the Housing Market
Julia Gordon, Director of Housing Finance and Policy at the Center for American Progress, recently testified before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development. Her testimony provides recommendations for increasing access to safe and affordable credit.
Remarks By The First Lady To Children On NORAD Santa Tracker Calls
Via Telephone *** Photo available here: http://bit.ly/1vpvmNH *** 11:32 A.M. HAST MRS. OBAMA:  Hi!  This is Mrs. Obama, who am I talking to? DANIEL:  Daniel. MRS. OBAMA:  Is this Daniel? DANIEL:  Mm-hmm. MRS. OBAMA:  Do you have a sister with you, too? DANIEL:  Mm-hmm. MRS. OBAMA:  What's her name? DANIEL:  Danielle. MRS. OBAMA:  Daniel and Danielle, how old are you guys? DANIEL:  I'm eight, Danielle is five. MRS. OBAMA:  Are you excited tonight because it's Christmas Eve? DANIEL:  Mm-hmm. MRS. OBAMA:  This is one of the most exciting nights of the whole year, isn't it? DANIEL:  Mm-hmm. MRS. OBAMA:  Yes, my kids are excited, too.  Did you call to see where Santa is right now? DANIEL:  Yes. MRS. OBAMA:  Okay, I'm looking at the satellite right now and it says -- I see a bleep on the screen and it looks like it's Santa with a sleigh.  Yes, I think that's hi

First Holiday Season Without Grandma Incredible
MARBLEHEAD, MA—Expressing appreciation for the more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, members of the Shaw family confirmed Thursday that the first holiday season without grandmother Ethel Shaw had been absolutely incredible.

5 Reasons Why Social Security Matters for Women’s Economic Security
The Social Security program should be strengthened to support working women as they age and face the realities of caring for their families.

Uncle Put More Thought Than Usual Into This Year’s Gift Cards
HERSHEY, PA—Noting the unprecedented display of effort, Harrington family sources confirmed Thursday that Uncle Jeff put a lot more thought than usual into the gift cards he bought for everyone this Christmas.

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