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Political situation in the US- dissatisfied

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Nation’s 30 Fraudulent Voters March On Washington To Restore Voting Rights Act
WASHINGTON—Spanning nearly half of a city block as they rallied to support the freedoms of unscrupulous citizens, the nation’s 30 fraudulent voters reportedly marched on Washington, D.C.

Remarks by the President at the National League of Cities Conference
National League of Cities Washington, D.C. 11:39 A.M. EST   THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you!  (Applause.)  Hello, mayors!  Everybody have a seat.  Thank you so much.  Thank you.  Thank you, Mayor Becker, for the wonderful introduction and the great job that you are doing every single day.  Everybody have a seat.  (Laughter.)    AUDIENCE MEMBER:  I love you!   THE PRESIDENT:  I love you, too.  (Applause.)    It is great to be with the National League of Cities.   We have about 2,000 local leaders here.  We’ve got mayors, we’ve got councilmembers.  We’ve got Republicans, Democrats, and independents.  We’ve got some small town leaders, we’ve got some bustling city leaders.  But you all have something in common, and that is that every day you wake up ready to solve problems, and you know that people are depending on you to make sure your s

Protect savings from predatory brokers: Our view
Obama is absolutely right to push the 'best interest' standard instead of 'suitable.'         

Background Conference Call on the President's Executive Order on Venezuela
Via Telephone 12:12 P.M. EDT MR. VENTRELL:  Hey, good afternoon, everybody.  And thanks for dialing in.  Today, we have three senior administration officials who are going to discuss the President’s executive order related to Venezuela, the Venezuela sanctions.  I have with me today -- this call will be on background, attributable to senior administration officials.  SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Thanks very much, Patrick.  Thanks, everybody, for taking the time to call in today.  We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the executive order on Venezuela that the President issued this morning.  As you know, the Venezuelan Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014 passed by Congress was signed into law on December 18th.  The executive order issued today implements and expands upon the act by authorizing the imposition of sanctions against individuals involved in or responsible for the ero
American Voices: Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Make Driving Safer
Ahead of today’s release of the Apple Watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with the Telegraph that the new device will function in place of keys to unlock cars and allow drivers to make calls without taking their hands off the steer...

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-March 2015 Jobs Release
Despite an improving labor market, other indicators show that we are far from the healthy economy Americans need.

The Tortured Logic of the Heritage Foundation on Public Transportation
In a never-ending quest to shrink government, conservatives continue to advance specious arguments that are harmful to federal funding for public transportation.

Will e-mail controversy hurt Clinton? #tellusatoday
Hillary Clinton relied on a private e-mail account as secretary of State.         
Don't make it harder to save: Opposing view
Why would Labor Department contemplate a regulation that would remove retirement choices?         

Apple Fans Demand Other Products They Can Feel Directly Against Skin At All Times
SAN FRANCISCO—Following Monday’s unveiling of the highly anticipated Apple Watch, fans of Apple across the nation reportedly called on the company to manufacture more products that they can feel pressed against their skin at all times.

Remarks by President Obama and European Council President Donald Tusk before Bilateral Meeting
Oval Office 3:12 P.M. EDT PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Well, it is a great pleasure to welcome Donald Tusk to the White House in his new role.  I had outstanding experiences working with him during the time that he was Prime Minister of Poland, one of our closest allies, and was consistently impressed with his outstanding work and his strong support for the Transatlantic Alliance.  We are very pleased that he is carrying on those same skills and values to the European Council. And let me just say at the outset that I think transatlantic unity is as strong as it’s ever been.  We face a number of significant challenges.  Obviously a major topic of conversation today will be the situation in Ukraine.  We are all committed to making sure that we uphold the basic principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that have been threatened by Russian aggression.  We’ve been able to maintain strong unity with respect to sanctions.  We very much apprec

Why reduce war to a euphemism? Column
'Authorization for the use of military force' just the latest example. Call it what it is.         
February 2015
Policymakers need to build on successes of past progressive policies by implementing policies that raise wages and boost productivity growth.

Infographic: How Cable Companies Plan To Fight Cord Cutting
More consumers than ever are “cord cutting,” or getting rid of their cable service in favor of watching shows online, challenging the cable industry to launch new initiatives in order to keep customers.

Another Strong Jobs Day Means It’s Back to Econ 101 at the Fed
For the Fed, raising interest rates is all about levels and changes.

Readout of the Vice President’s Call with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski
Vice President Joe Biden spoke today with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski about bilateral relations, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and European energy security. The Vice President noted U.S.-Polish relations were excellent and agreed to continue close consultations with Poland about threats to European security, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The Vice President and President Komorowski agreed that Russia and Russia-backed separatists had to fulfill all of the obligations under the Minsk agreements, including unfettered access for OSCE monitors seeking to verify the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the withdrawal of Russian troops and equipment from Ukrainian territory, and return to Ukrainian control of the international border by the end of the year. They agreed that any further escalation of the conflict by Russia would be met by increasing costs.  On energy security, the leaders agreed on the importance of infrastructure projects that would help c

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