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Political situation in the UK - satisfied

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Political situation in the UK - dissatisfied

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Ten electorates contain 600 threatened species – but will MPs fight to save them?
Federal funding for biodiversity conservation has dropped by 37% since 2013 and all MPs need to take greater actionAustralia is rapidly losing its world-famous biodiversity. More than 90 species have gone extinct since European colonisation (including three in just the past decade) and more than 1,700 species are now formally recognised as being in danger of extinction.Despite the pride many Australians feel in our unique natural heritage (and the billions of dollars made from nature-based tourism), the amount of federal funding for biodiversity conservation has dropped by 37% since 2013. Related: Greater gliders: fears of 'catastrophic' consequences from logging in Victoria Continue reading...

From between the census lines emerges a picture of the great wealth divide | Nicholas Biddle and Francis Markham
If income inequality feeds disparities across generations, policies should encourage different social classes to share neighbourhoods and regionsWith affordable houses increasingly out of reach, wage growth slow and household debt high, Australians are certainly feeling poor. But how do they compare with their neighbours? New census data confirms there’s a lot of variability in income.The census breaks the country up into 349 geographic regions (named below), some of which cover more than one major town and some of which group related suburbs within cities. We examined 331 of these regions, excluding those containing fewer than 1,000 households. Related: Australian census map: the results, region by region – interactive Related: We reveal shocking revelation about census which is amount of garbage made up about census! | First Dog on the Moon Continue reading...

Why a population of, say, 15 million makes sense for Australia
Population growth has profound impacts and sorting myths from facts can be difficult. In a new series, the Conversation looks at the issue Neither of Australia’s two main political parties believes population is an issue worth discussion, and neither now has a policy about it. The Greens think population is an issue but can’t come at actually suggesting a target.Even those who acknowledge that numbers are relevant are often quick to say that it’s our consumption patterns, and not our population size, that really matter when we talk about environmental impact. But common sense, not to mention the laws of physics, says that size and scale matter, especially on a finite planet. Related: Migration pushing Australia to 'third-world style population growth rate' Economic growth will be supported by sound policies that support productivity, participation and population — the ‘3Ps’. Related: Australian population to hit 24 million as migration from overseas drives growth Continue

A new British identity is key to Brexit’s success. So who do we want to be? | Timothy J Oliver
We need more than just breezy assertions about free trade – the Brexit identity crisis is consuming the entire country, and not helping our standing with the EUThere are a lot of productive ways in which to analyse Brexit – why it happened, how it’s developing, and how it may turn out. One of the most interesting is to look at the idea of an identity to understand both why the process is proving so painful for the UK, and also why the rest of Europe still seems so confused about why the UK is engaging in this process at all. Related: UK government rejects EU claim that its Brexit customs plan is 'fantasy' If nations such as Germany see Britain as a less pragmatic country, then they will push for greater distance Continue reading...

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