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photo Political situation in the UK - satisfied

Political situation in the UK - satisfied

Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in the United Kingdom. Say why?
Political situation in the UK - dissatisfied

Political situation in the UK - dissatisfied

Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in the United Kingdom. Say why?

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for30against   I am satisfied with the political situation in the United Kingdom (UK). For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for1against   Sollen wir unsere Realwirtschaft den City Boys überlassen?Hängt diese Typen auf!, SEPP
for1against   Die Realwirtschaft wurde von Margret Thatcher kaputt gemacht und jetzt sollen die Heuschrecken regieren!Versenkt die Insel!, SEPP
for1against   Banker ins Gefängnis!, SEPP
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Thousands march against spending cuts

More than a quarter of a million people have marched through central London to deliver a powerful message about the government's cuts in public spending. The generally good-natured mood was soured by violent and destructive attacks on symbols of wealth including the Ritz, banks and a luxury car dealer, and an occupation of the upmarket food store Fortnum and Mason. Trade union organisers said that the turnout had exceeded their expectations, and thousands had travelled by coach and by train from as far as Edinburgh to vent their anger at the government's cuts by marching through London to a ...

We need a general election

Both the borough’s Labour MPs voted against dissolving parliament and holding an election. The vote follows months of scandal and allegations over Brent Labour MPs expenses claims, and a massive 25% drop in the Labour vote in last week’s European elections in Brent. Eight ministers have abandoned Gordon Brown’s government and internal disputes have overshadowed important policy debates.The only major party to move forward in the elections last week was Sarah Teather’s Liberal Democrats. Even David Cameron has admitted that the Conservatives can’t win in Brent ...

Britain has outsourced mayhem. Finally it's coming home

I believe that the current political crisis has little to do with the expenses scandal, still less with Gordon Brown's leadership. It arises because our economic system can no longer extract wealth from other nations. For the past 300 years, the revolutions and reforms experienced by almost all other developed countries have been averted in Britain by foreign remittances.The social unrest that might have transformed our politics was instead outsourced to our colonies and unwilling trading partners. The rebellions in Ireland, India, China, the Caribbean, Egypt, South Africa, Malaya, Kenya, Iran ...

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Election catch-up: the better plan vs the clear plan; the red upper-and-lower case vs the blue capitals
1. The choice is clear, as Matt Chorley says. Do you want a better plan or a clear plan? A better future, or a brighter future?
Warning: the truth behind handshake-sniffing may bum you out | Craig Roberts
Other mammals partake in abundant sniffing, often in the anogenital area – so what exactly are we doing when we smell our hand after shaking someone else’s?As we all know, a firm handshake is important in making a good first impression. It’s a sure sign of physical strength and, rightly or wrongly, we use it to make all manner of judgments about character, personality and sincerity.New research now suggests that we take away much more than this – quite literally – because shaking hands may also be a way that we smell each other. An Israeli team has published a paper that shows handshakes transfer aromatic compounds thought to be involved in social assessment – that is, making judgments about someone else by virtue of how they smell.We can detect whether someone is sick or healthy through their body odour, or whether they are fearfulStudies aiming to promote handwashing report bodily traces, including faecal bacteria, on hands of people on the street Continue reading...
We must finance the armed forces that Britain needs | David Davis
The world is no less dangerous than it has ever been. Proper defence requires proper funding“Let him who desires peace prepare for war.” This motto is as true today as it was 15 centuries ago when it was coined by the Roman Vegetius.It was on this principle that the prime minister called on our Nato allies to meet their 2% of GDP defence spending requirements at the recent summit. He was right then and the government is wrong now to consider cutting defence. Such a course of action would be catastrophic for Britain’s defence, for our foreign policy, and for our national prestige.Our armed forces are as vulnerable as they have been for generationsThe only way to increase the number of reserves is to revisit what it means to be a reservist; to make it fun Continue reading...
Nicola Sturgeon: Labour’s tactics show that it’s the SNP who are the real social democrats
It says something of Labour’s current election campaign that it has felt the need to fall back on the contributions of two former prime ministers.

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