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photo Political situation in the EU - satisfied

Political situation in the EU - satisfied

Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in the European Union. Say, why?
Political situation in the EU - dissatisfied

Political situation in the EU - dissatisfied

Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in the European Union. Say, why?

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for32against   I am satisfied with the political situation in the European Union. No reason to hesitate. For instance, because... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for34against   Sollen die Rechtsradikalen Europa regieren?Die Europäer sollten sich schämen!Wer nicht wählt,wählt rechts!, SEPP
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Europe veers right to beat recession

It may be difficult to say who "won" the European elections, but it is clear who lost. From France to Poland – and spectacularly in Britain – politicians of the moderate left were shunned or humiliated by the few voters who bothered to cast their ballots.In a time of recession – and especially one caused by the exuberance and immoderate greed of markets – centre-left arguments might have been expected to thrive. Instead, centre-left parties of government were routed in Britain and soundly defeated in Portugal and narrowly beaten in Spain. Centre-left opposition ...

European Union danger elections

Since 1979, these MEPs have been elected direct rather than indirectly from national parliaments. But turnout for these elections has been falling in several countries. There is a danger that the number voting in June will be lower than ever before.Moreover, in the current grim economic conditions across Europe, voters who do turn out are all too likely to take the opportunity to punish the major parties and vote for fringe and even extremist politicians. There are particular circumstances that may encourage this electoral response.First, everywhere there is a sense of disgust at the way the ...

Neuregelung: EU-Abgeordnete dürfen Business Class fliegen

08.04.2009 08:57Ab Sommer dürfen EU-Parlamentarier auch Kurzstrecken-Flüge in der Business Class absolvieren. In Zeiten der Wirtschaftskrise sei das dreist, sagen Kritiker.Holzklasse adé heißt es ab Sommer für die EU-Abgeordneten. Denn ein neuer Verhaltenskodex erlaubt es den Parlamentariern ab der nächsten Legislaturperiode, auch auf Kurzstrecken in der Business Class zu fliegen. Das berichtet die Zeitung "Die Welt" am Mittwoch. "Die Reisekosten werden auf der Grundlage der tatsächlich entstandenen Kosten erstattet, und zwar bis zu dem Tarif der Business ...

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Charter nears deal for Time Warner Cable
John Malone aims for new conquest in US cable industry
Openness and censorship in the European Union: An interrupted time series analysis
This study examines transparency and censorship in the Council of Ministers of the European Union from 1999 to 2009. We measure transparency by considering the timeliness of record release and the levels of censorship applied to records when (and if) they are released. We show that legislation introduced in 2001 (Regulation 1049) triggered a massive shift towards greater transparency, in line with its intention. However, we also show that the trend towards greater transparency has been interrupted by the enlargement rounds in 2004 and 2007. We attribute this fact to inexperience on the part of the new member states and the resulting need for censorship while these states adjusted to the negotiation styles in the Council.
Shell Arctic oil project to take decades
Regulatory and legal constraints hold up exploration
The changing relationship between left-right ideology and euroscepticism, 1973-2010
How is euroscepticism related to left–right ideology in Western European public opinion? We argue that inconsistent findings on this relationship result from the changing nature of European integration over time. Initially, EU market integration mainly sparked left-wing opposition; after Maastricht the intensification of political integration additionally produced nationalist euroscepticism among the political right. Hence, we hypothesize that the relationship between citizens’ left–right ideology and euroscepticism evolved from linear to U-shaped. We test this hypothesis by means of multilevel logistic regression on 74 waves of the Eurobarometer (1973–2010) in 12 EU member states. The results demonstrate an increase of right-wing euroscepticism across countries, whereas the developments on the left are mixed. In the concluding section, we discuss the theoretical and political implications of these findings.

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